Thursday, January 15, 2009

Even more of my favorite things...

Here are some of my favorite directors...the first is the only one with a place. The rest are in groups...groups of favoritism by me.

Favorite Directors:

1. Alfred Hitchcock

Why? He was an absolute genius! He could make bad characters be rooted for, he could make mysteries be movies to watch over and over, he could make films be both critical and box-office champions, he could do anything. And that is why he is my favorite director. Also, besides being a genius, he was witty, clever, and kind. Oh, I have so much more I could write about him! But, I shall try and limit myself.
Orson Welles

Why? He is genius number two (not necessarily second favorite director). He was a burst of amazingness...that never will leave us. He also did something amazing. He could write, direct, and star in GREAT movies ("Citizen Kane", anyone?). One of the things about him that make me laugh is the fact that he said what he felt like saying. (A contributing reason for him only winning one award for "CK" is because he likened the "studio heads" to "over-paid office boys". OUCH! LOL!

Billy Wilder

Why? Because he didn't go by the name William (what a time I'd have then...see next post). Billy was Extraordiary. He could do drama and comedy with such fluidness and is difficult to say which he was better at. I especially love his comedies! But, his dramas are equally amazing...especially "The Lost Weekend" of my favorite films EVER!

William Wyler

Why? Because he went by the name William (see post above). Wyler was also extremely able at both drama and comedy (or mixed together, as in "Roman Holiday"). Although, as usual I hold a special place for his comedies. He did so much of every genre that he is sadly not as well known as say, Hitchcock or Welles is. That is a true tragedy! But, I will always love him!
Howard Hawks

Why? He also did a bit of everything. And he has my favorite comedy ever: "His Girl Friday". He also showed that he could do everything...having highly acclaimed classics in nearly every genre.

Leo McCarey

Why? He was THE "gentleman director". So very good at romantic comedies (and he took a crack at drama too...mostly meladrama). He helped to create Cary Grant as we know him (although I for one do NOT believe that Cary stole Leo's personality, as others do). "The Awful Truth" is in my top ten comedies ever too!

George Cukor

Why? I love him. Always making people mad and getting kicked off sets, he nonetheless made some of the greatest films of the last century. And I for one am glad he got kicked off "Gone With The Wind" (a film I don't care for very much). Because he never would have made, "The Women"!

George Stevens

Why? Because he was outstanding. He made "Swingtime" (a nice little dancing musical, Fred and Ginger style), but he also could make "Giant" (sweeping Texas epic starring Rock Hudson, James Dean, and Elizabeth Taylor). He always brought you straight to the heart of the story though, no matter how large the landscape was.

Next up:

Favorite singers/bands of vintage times.


Sarah said...

I think Hitch is my numero uno (for the moment that is).
Present time...I got photoshop for Christmas and I've just been getting bored so I made you a little banner to spice up your life :D

Millie said...

I LOVE it! Thanks, Sarah. That is probably one of my very favorite Ingy pics!


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