Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm sick.......... :-(

I have been very sick this past week. I have really bad asthma and it has been pretty awful lately. Plus I have: a sore throat, a migraine-like headache, an ear-ache, been feeling faint (my eyes have zoning in and out for days...quite annoying), and on top of all that three of my teeth have began to inexplicably hurt!

Anyways, after that oh-so-lovely description of my deadly illness, I will continue on with my post.

When I am sick there are two things I want to do, watch movies and drink ice-cold juice (apple-cherry to be exact). The first day of my illness I watched "The Glass Bottom Boat" and "The Seven Year Itch" (both from the library). My family and myself have a quite extensive collection of classic DVDs, but I really wasn't feeling like watching anything from there, so I turned to the meager supply of films I had still from the library (I have been sick since Tuesday and the library wasn't open on Monday, so these DVDs are from Friday...I think).

The three film still here from the library were "Splendor In The Grass", "Mister Roberts", and "The Misfits". Not exactly the three most cheeriest films. I mean "Mister Roberts" is technically a comedy, but know.

So, in my delirium I happened to glance upon a brand-new DVD just lying on my film rack. "The Complete First Season of The Big Valley". You might ask yourself, "How did she happen to get that...did she spend good money on THAT?"

The answer is no. I will try my best to reconstruct what most likely happened. My oldest brothers were Christmas shopping (at there customary time...11:00pm, Christmas Eve). They went directly to the DVD section, because frankly my family ADORES DVDs! They had gotten everyone else's Christmas present, but they still needed one for me. They randomly glance at a shelf, "Hey, this looks like it was made before 1980...let's get it for our little sister". They bring it home...wrap it in a grocery bag and place it under the tree.

Now, this is not meant to sound like I'm ungrateful, or that they aren't thoughtful! It was very sweet of them and that was duly noted by me!

Anyways, back to my delirium. (Whoa, this post is getting long...terribly sorry to anybody who is actually going to read this!)

So, I reached out and grabbed "Big Valley". Now, I am not one for soap operas and especially not soapy westerns (although, many consider "Bonanza" a western soap and I adore that, mainly because I watched reruns faithfully every weekday from the time I was five 'till about ten...when they took it off the air).

But, the moment I saw Barbara Stanwyck...I was mesmerized. She is after all, one of my absolute favorite actresses. She was nearing sixty then, but boy was she gorgeous. I mean she had snow white hair...and she was still amazingly beautiful. She walked onto the screen about ten minutes into the episode and was only on for about one minute (in that scene). She quickly sped up the lagging dialogue between Jarrod Barkley and Nick Barkley. After, she walked off screen my eyes actually tried follow her. Until I wasn't even looking at the TV anymore, but a pile of my dolls sitting next to the TV.

That's power.

Actually, it's kinda scary to think about. The fact that I'll follow Barbara Stanwyck anywhere. I don't think that's a good thing, especially not after "Double Indemnity".

I did love how in the credits, they always credited her as "Miss Barbara Stanwyck". A loverly showing of respect.

But, after a few episodes (okay, like two can't blame me...I was delirious) I ended up putting on one of my own DVDs, "Guys And Dolls".

My good old Sinatra.

Actually, this post has really nothing to do about anything...

Oh, but here is the doctor trying to take my pulse...I don't like doctors...

Note: If there is anyone reading my blog that absolutely adores "Big Valley", please don't hold it against me...I am still rather delirious.

Great, I finally actually get a few followers, but now one of you is gonna be a huge "Big Valley" fan and...POOF...I'm back down to four followers. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Oh feel better!!!!!!! I've never seen Big Valley, or Double Indemnity, but I do plan on watching the latter. But anyway, I hope everything's all right. :) And your brothers seem really cool lol.

PS: How creepy is this? My English teacher called me dear yesterday... ugh, woof.

Millie said...

Thank you!

That IS creepy!

Sarah said...

Delirious posting is always interesting. I think it shows your true personality. ;)
Anyway, I have Double Indemnity on my dvr so I'll be getting to that soon, if not this weekend!

emme said...

How nice to find another vintage blog...and someone who seems just about as obsessed with classic films as I am! :D

I love Guys & Dolls, too, but not for Frank...Marlon's my man!


Millie said...

Yes, I thought YOU would find it interesting...

Good job, on going to be getting to "DI"! Hehehe, I'm still delirious!

I liberated the fourth season of Dick Van Dyke Show from my dad, though. So, that's what I have been watching (DVDS (hey it spells DVDS) is my absolute favorite show, so I was glad about that.


I came out to get it wearing pink sweats, a purple and black plaid peasant shirt, and having a quite disheveled tangle of hair. And who should be standing there? One of my brother's skate friends (my brother is an amazing skater and for the past two summers he has gone touring with a team around the USA.

AWKWARD! That's all I have to say... ;-)

Millie said...

Oh, just to clarify that above comment was intended for Sarah!

Wouldn't want to creep you out Emily! (Sarah can handle it ;-))

And now....

Emily, thank you SO much!

That is a wonderful compliment. I just checked out your blog...I absolutely LOVE it!

I am totally a follower now!

"Guys And Dolls" is one of my favorite films. So happy. And it is absolutely my favorite Marlon role.

Elisabeth said...

I remember watching The Big Valley almost every weekend with my dad years ago - he loves Westerns and so do I! There was a whole line-up then - Bonanza, High Chaparral, The Rifleman, Gunsmoke, etc. I don't remember too much about 'Big Valley' itself but I remember I loved the theme music!

Anonymous said...

Um, first of all Millie, I will be engaged to Shia... William and Gregory made me a widow.

Millie said...

Oh, I grew up watching classic westerns, too. I have four brothers and only two sisters. Besides which, my sisters are ten and thirteen years older than me. So, I most definitely grew up on westerns!

My favorites are: "Bonanza", "Wanted: Dead Or Alive", "The Wild, Wild West", "Bat Masterson", and well pretty much all of them...

The "Big Valley" theme music seemed to remind me very much of "The Magnificent Seven".

Millie said...

Harley, tsk..tsk..tsk!

Are you certain THEY made you a widow...or was there a little foul play involved?

And, Shia?

How can you go from Gregory to Shia?

BTW, after Shia "mysteriously" dies, you may NOT try and marry Dana Andrews! Because as you know I am married to him.

Anonymous said...

OK MILLIE... Dana Andrews? Would I really try and get in there like swim wear when you're already married to him? And golly gee, why are you wishing bad luck on my Shia??? "Mysteriously dies?" What are you implying? Gregory died a NATURAL death; William on the other hand, had an accident, the poor dear. I would have you know , that happened ten years before I was born. So you can just take your insinuations and do something with those, thanks ever so.
LOL; do you feel any better? Could it be Dana had something to do with that, hmm? ;D

Millie said...

What are you babbling on about dear Harley?

It is very creepy that you are married to people who died before you were born...that is anything but "natural"!

What you mean Dana had something to do with it?....How did you find out....who have you been talking to...WAIT...I'm going to get my lawyer before I answer anymore questions!

Anonymous said...

Um, sweetie, you were convicted of bigamy!!! You even said so on Miss Vintage. Don't make me get Merriam over here!!! Talk about natural! Quel criminal!

And another thing: Gregory died when I was 12... so there. What part of widowed by he and Mr. Holden don't you understand???

And your lawyer can't be that good, if you went to jail for bigamy... where was he then, dear Millie? (LMAO)

Anonymous said...

BTW: if you check out my audio clip on my profile, you'll see that your "husband" Dana is in the video. But I see that's not you he's kissing.... ;)

Millie said...

Don't even listen to Merriam. I know things about her you do not. For instance, she gagged and knocked out Joanne Woodward...then she threw her off a cliff into the ocean. Next plastic surgery and dye-job. Now, she is passing herself off as Mrs. Paul Newman!

WAIT! You said William Holden died BEFORE you were born missy! Get your facts right.

Another thing I NEVER said I went to jail for bigamy. I said I was convicted. There are ways...*insert evil laugh*

Millie said...

Oh, Dana! I LOVE that scene!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm going to forget logistics for now; like date of deaths and the fact that my "husbands" were born almost 80 years before me. I am married to only Gregory. We are completely faithful to each other... even though Dana has been eyeing me lately.

Muahahahahahahahahahaha (I am just kidding btw!)

Millie said...

Wait a minute so you are back together with Gregory?

You BETTER be kidding...

Anonymous said...

Oh but I am. I don't believe in dating married men, no matter how much they may want to. ;)

And I don't believe in "open" marriages, as you so quaintly put it. So I'll have Gregory, you have Dana and then of course we'll have our fantasies about other men. (Mine of course being William Holden; yours? Is it Paul Newman? Didn't you say you got rid of the real Joanne Woodward??? Or wasn't that you?) ;)

Millie said...

Dana doesn't even know who you are.

I really don't remember making a comment about "open" marriages. Must be something you did in a different schizophrenic stage.

Paul Newman.....ahhhh! That's Merriam! I have been violently opposing him. Haven't you been reading the "Handsome Man" thread on Miss Vintage? You are really trying to annoy me. And you and I used to be so similar. ;-)

Anonymous said...

But he knows you...

Oh now, you don't remember open marriages? Oops, maybe that was Merriam... sorry.

And gosh darn golly gee, I know you've been opposing Paul. Take a chill pill Mrs. Milland. I MEAN Mrs. "Andrews".

Millie said...

Now, you are creeping me out...jk

You like Merriam more than me, don't you? I should have never introduced you she gets all the praise... ;-)



Anonymous said...

I don't even know Merriam. But from what I've heard she's a crazed lunatic. Why haven't you reported her heinous crime to the authorities?

Millie said...

Because then I might have to go to jail for my crime...and tax-evasion.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Sorry bout that. I wanted to ask you how I can down load pics from Photobucket onto my blog. i'm afraid that down loading all of them to my computer will lead to a virus. Lol, I'm so tech savvy.

PS: Tax evasion? Who are you? Al Capone?

Millie said...

What exactly do you want to know? How to download individual pics on to your blog or how to download ALL your pics on to your blog?

You can always add "slideshow" to your gadgets.

P.S. It was just a "little" tax evasion. ;-)

Not as bad as the new secretary of treasury...JK!

Anonymous said...

I want to know how to upload images on my posts with the url. That's what I have been trying to do and it's not working and I'm getting a tad annoyed.

Millie said...

If you are loading it up from photobucket, I assume you are copying and pasting the pic url from the sidebar that says "websites and blogs". DON'T!

Or maybe you are copying and pasting the url from "forums and bulletin boards". If you do that, after you paste the url in back at the blog, make sure you erase the "[IMG]" on both sides of url. Then it should work fine.

If not, just right click on the image, go down to "properties" and click. Then go to "location" and copy and paste the stuff there.

The key is to always be sure that the URL starts with "http" and ends with "jpg" or "gif" or whatever format you are using.

I hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Thanks ever so!!!

By the way, I saw the pics you uploaded on Miss Vintage; Merriam has a very good eye. You look just like Janet Gaynor!!!!

If I could look like anyone, I'd want it to be Audgers...or Ingrid...or But I'm happy with what I've been blessed with but I have been told I look like Alicia Keys. Who knows? Anyway, thanks again.

Millie said...


I knew you were gonna see those AWFUL pics.
Seriously, UGHHH!

You are lucky indeed to look like Alicia Keys. You should post your pics on Miss Vintage!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I guess I am lucky to look like Miss Keys, but I do wear glasses and no make-up and I don't even think I resemble her in the slightest.

And I'm considering just calling you Janet; you really do look like her.

Millie said...

Well, if people say you do, I'm sure there is some resemblance!

Janet? Janet who?

Anonymous said...

Janet Gaynor...duh

Millie said...


For some strange reason the only Janet I could think of was Janet Leigh...hehehe


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