Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's snowing!

So, I woke up this morning (still a touch on the sick side) at about ten-thirty. And I look out...but what should I see? A blanket of fresh white snow (okay, maybe not a blanket, but at least a couple of inches).

This is rather rare for where I live in the gorgeous Northwest. We have snow of course...but not usually as much as we've been getting. As many may realize, my homeland is far more famous for its rainfall than its snowfall! Just a week ago it was raining fiercely and we had terrific flooding.

But, we definitely have been getting a lot of snow lately. I celebrated my first white Christmas in 2008. The ground on which I live celebrated their first since 1990!

Anyways, all this getting nowhere, so I shall attempt to turn it back into a vintage discussion.

I watched "Jesse James" yesterday. It was the one made in 1939 and starring Tyrone Power and Henry Fonda, as Jesse and Frank James.

It made me sad.

I would alert you to spoilers right now, but since the story of Jesse James is universally told I do not feel the need. (A.K.A. He dies in the end.) But, there may be a few small details.......

Before this movie made me sad, it made me laugh. They so successfully and completely released Jesse from any guilt...I even believed it (although I am usually quick to believe ANYTHING Tyrone Power does). It wasn't his was the big, mean railroad's fault. They blew up his mother (she actually lived longer than Jesse in real life). They lied to him. He surrendered under a promise they made to him about five years of prison at the most...he believed them...they were lying.

And to top off all my sudden anger against the railroad, who should appear? RANDOLPH SCOTT! Many people know that Randolph is my number three least favorite actor. I gag when he comes on the screen, he annoys me, and he drives me into murderous inclinations. Randolph Scott portrayed a U.S. Marshall looking for Jesse! After, he gets Jesse to surrender and then he "suddenly never knew they were lying about it" (yeah right!) he took his wife, his kid, and his house (some might interpret what happened differently...I say he was EVIL)!!!!

Nancy Kelly portrays Jesse's wife Zerelda (Zee). Creepy fact: In real life Jessie married a Zerelda Mimms. His mother (after she had remarried) was named Zerelda Simms. Methinks, that is very strange.

Anyways, this film is very fascinating. And has the fascinating Tyrone Power. A fascinating combo.

You may think you have a strong belief foundation (I thought I did), but it all comes to know avail. You WILL believe Jesse James is the biggest hero since Abraham Lincoln, after you see this film.

So, go watch it! ;-)


Kate Gabrielle said...

Yay! Someone shares my distaste for Randolph Scott. So glad I found your blog! (of course not just for our shared dislike of Scott, but I really love what you've written :)

Millie said...
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Millie said...

You are too sweet!

I do have a lot of distaste for him...he's just ewwww!

I love your blog. I have seen it before. You do all the amazing sketches! I adore the new one of Jean Arthur!


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