Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some of my favorite things...

I love everything vintage! Especially film and music!

I thought I would share some of my very, very favorite vintage things! Which can be difficult...because I have SO many! I am going to split this up into separate posts for actresses, actors, directors, and music. To name my favorite films would be too hard and too long of a post!

First up: Actresses. I am going to narrow this down to ten, because past that it would go on forever and ever and ever!


1. Ingrid Bergman

Why? She is absolutely amazing. She is also gorgeous...which helps...hahaha.

She uses her eyes extensively in showing emotion, I love that. One can see so much more depth of performance from eyes, actors that use them are quite talented.

She was also a natural beauty. When she first came to America from Sweden, the studio producers told her she would need to cap her teeth, pluck her eyebrows, and wear a lot more make-up. She refused. She never did cap her teeth or pluck her eyebrows, and she wore barely any make-up...even during filming.

2. Audrey Hepburn

Why? Audrey was a classy lady on and off the screen. She was a talented actress and an even better person. Kind, thoughtful, stylish, funny, gorgeous, clever...she was everything.

I just love her style too. Absolutely timeless. Although, I seriously wish the big sunglasses weren't so popular, because then I could wear them without looking like every other person...LOL!

3. Grace Kelly

Why? She WAS Grace Kelly. A real-life princess. With extraordinary talent. I love he acting. I love her style. I love her.

.....the rest have no particular order........

Jean Arthur

Why? She was a great actress and an especially gifted comedian. Forever shy, insecure, and withdrawn in real life, it was a struggle just to act. But, she did...and she did it well. Also, she was just beautiful!

Carole Lombard

Why? I love Carole. One of the funniest ladies to ever grace the screen! Tragically she died all too soon, but she still left a wonderful body of work behind. She always make me laugh. And she could do drama just as well.

Sandra Dee

Why? Sandra Dee was a truly gifted actress. She never really has gotten the attention she deserves though. Also, she was beautiful and I love her as Gidget...hahaha

Barbara Stanwyck

Why? Because she could act. That is all that is necessary, but she also added a great comic timing, beauty, and poise.

Doris Day

Why? She could sing, act, dance, make me laugh. And in all she brought freshness and bubblyness. You can't help but feel happy watching one of her films.

Gene Tierney

Why? Because she made an under-bite look GORGEOUS! Also, you could believe her as the sweetest, clueless ingenue ("Laura") or the most evil, scary lady ("Leave Her To Heaven")....quite an accomplishment!

Olivia De Havilland

Why? Because she was totally ruled Joan Fontaine (sister)! And she was a good actress. She had no fear in accepting parts, and was more than willing to do any long as it challenged her. She didn't even mind trying to look ugly ("The Heiress"), although it was quite impossible to even make her look ugly in that film!

I have so many other favorite actresses...the list goes on forever and ever! I will certainly be highlighting them though in future posts!

Next up:

Favorite actors!


Sarah said...

YAY MILLIE GOT A BLOG :D Awesome first post!

Millie said...

Thanks so much Sarah! I need to do some work on it. I did this one really hurriedly. Because I have had this blog since like december, but I have been just too busy...

Audrey said...

What a need little story about Ingrid.


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