Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hud and That Funny Feeling...semi-reviews!

Here are the semi-reviews I promised...I know you guys were all just hanging around your computers waiting for them! ;-D

There may be some spoilers...but I will try not to give out anything very important.

These are two very different films made only two years apart. Hud is a dark, dreary, superbly-acted, Oscar-winning, drama. That Funny Feeling is a light, bubbly, superbly-acted, non-Oscar nominated, romantic comedy. There are also two other main differences. Last week was the first time I saw Hud, whereas, last week was at least the thirtieth time I saw That Funny Feeling.

First, I will share my thoughts about Hud. Or at least what I remember, after being gone over the weekend.

I was prepared to be depressed by this film...and it did not disappoint me on that angle. But, it was also quite mesmerizing. Completely and oppressively bleak, but also completely open and honest. If that makes any sense and I doubt it does.

The James Wong Howe cinematography was absolutely gorgeous! It was both bleak and honest at the same time.

I thought all the acting was excellent as well, although, I have always been a little angry about Melvyn Douglas' Best Supporting Actor win, because he beat out Bobby Darin in that category (Captain Newman M.D.). Errrr!

Patricia Neal was stand-out, she definitely deserved the Best Actress Oscar. Her performance was very mind-searing. I think probably for me...the most memorable role of the film.

As was Paul Newman. I actually felt sorry for wasn't Hud's fault (;-D). It was his father's fault, it was the fact that he never felt loved as a child, it was because his mother died when he was a young boy, it was because he felt guilty about his brother's death, etc. Hehehe, I always sympathize with the main matter how bad they are. The other students in my Lit class always make fun of me during discussion time, because I always feel bad for and defend the main characters in the books we read, even when everyone else hates them. This last week I was defending Absalom in "Cry, the Beloved Country"...he kinda murdered someone in cold-blood...accidentally, of course. Anyways, I felt very sorry for Hud and well the whole thing was very reminiscent to East Of Eden. And in that one, everyone knows that Cal is completely blameless of any wrongdoing, even at the end. ;-)

Anyways, in conclusion (yes, I know, this was completely disjointed and confused, but I told I can't write a real review to save my life), I thought this was an extremely well-made film. A definite classic and a must-see. Not my favorite, but still classic. And the actors were amazing!

Now, onto That Funny Feeling.

I ADORE this movie. It is SO joyful! It just makes me cheerful and happy to watch it. The actors are superb. Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin are so amazingly, talentedly, gifted in is fascinating to watch them work. For supporting players you cannot get much better than Donald O'Conner, Nita Talbot, Larry Storch, and Leo G. Carroll. And they all gave excellent performances in this film.

I can seriously quote this film by heart...I'm kinda weird...unless you haven't already noticed...LOL. But there are just too many excellent one-liners.

I would explain the premise and structure of the film, but that is completely impossible. I have tried before. It's almost Screwball in it's nature because of it's chain-of-events craziness. Quite hilarious.

I absolutely, recommend this film to anyone. If only to see Bobby and Sandra together, and the great Donald O'Conner, and the wacky story-line, and the great one-liners, and the catchy title-tune (written and performed by Bobby himself).

Hehehe, this review was more confused and disjointed than the last one. And that's just because I had an entire review worked out and now I am really tired and cannot remember it at all.

(Click for a larger picture.)

They are both so adorable!

This is a still from the scene where she is taking a bath. Does this at all remind anyone else of Bridgette Bardot? I know that sounds strange, but it kept making me think of that.

Well, thanks for reading these weird, crazy, strange semi-reviews...if you did. Once I remember what I wanted to write I will edit this post.

Man, I better just leave this before I get myself looking any stranger...


Raquelle said...

Have you seen If a Man Answers (1962)? That's my favorite Bobby Darin & Sandra Dee film, although I liked That Funny Feeling too. I was very apprehensive at first to watch Darin/Dee films, but once I saw That Funny Feeling I was hooked!

Millie said...

Yes, I have seen "If A Man Answers"! I thought it was very funny!

But, I still like "TFF" better. I don't quite know why...but there is just something about it!

But, I do think the dog training book has got to be one of the funniest props in the history of the movies...LOL!

Rachel Kovaciny said...

I haven't seen TFF, tho I own it on dvd... I'm saving it to watch on Bobby's birthday in a few months :-9 From your review, it sounds great!

Millie said...

You're gonna wait until May? You have far more will-power than I! ;-)

I will credit your excitement for the movie, as coming from your love of Bobby...not my strange semi-review...LOL!

Lolita said...

Hello! Funny semi-review, haha! Just wanted to tell you that I will link to your blog from mine, and feel free to do the same if it would be interesting!
And yes, Paul Newman in Hud... *drool* Of course you sympathize!


Millie said...

Double thanks!

I will link to your blog...once I figure out how to do that...

LOL! Well, actually I just felt sorry for him...really...that's all... ;-)

Rachel Kovaciny said...

Lol -- just realized I have seen TFF! It's "If a Man Answers" that I haven't seen yet. Silly me.

BTW, think I will comment on your blog from my other account, hamlettethedame, from now on -- that's the account I use when I talk about movies, and we have a lot of similar taste!

Millie said...

Oh, good!

Cool! Thanks for letting me know who you are!


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