Monday, February 2, 2009

Merriam: the obsessions, the wit, and the wedding

NOTE: This post is not a normal post. You will not be able to understand it, nor will you think it is funny...unless you are a member of the Miss Vintage forum. Or have specifically read this thread. If you are not a member of Miss Vintage, I definitely recommend it. It is one of the more hilarious classic movie message boards I have been involved with. Anyways, I am doing this post because of a promise to a member of the boards. I will be back to my normal, strange, delirious posting after this entry.

This post is dedicated to Merriam (hence the title). We will be dealing with three aspects of her life. Her sometimes disturbing obsessions, her famed wit, and THE wedding. Mostly THE wedding (which took place earlier today).

First the obsessions. Merriam has several obsessions. Natalie Wood, Paul Newman, and killing off Paul's wives.

Her obsession with Natalie Wood is quite admirable. I feel the same way about many of my favorites also. Her obsession with Paul Newman, except when she tries to cheat at contests, so he wins! Grrrrrr! (JK, Merriam...maybe). But, her obsession with killing off Paul's wives is downright frightening! (She recently konked Joanne on the head and threw her off a cliff into the Pacific Ocean.) And her denial of this event is even more disturbing.

But, because I told Merriam I was going to do a splendid post, commending her...I will leave this explosive subject and continue into the next aspect of Merriam (and my favorite)...her famed wit.

Merriam in short is quite hilarious. Okay next subject.

;-D To go into greater detail, Merriam can always make me laugh, much like my comrades: Harly and Sarah. Most of the time I am laughing with her, although on some occasions I am laughing at her, and other occasions I am laughing manically while planning to murder her.

And finally onto the subject for which this entire post was created. THE wedding. Since Joanne is out of the way, Merriam has been hanging out with Paul an AWFUL lot lately (after being ditched by James Dean). Finally he proposed and she accepted (she had bought a wedding dress after their first date).

I was asked to be her matron-of-honor (not maid, because I am already married to Dana Andrews), as was another member of the boards. Harly was not invited...I finally managed to get her invited, on the condition that she would be the flower girl. It was truly a lovely wedding! Below I shall include some photos taken of the event. All are the property of Merriam (unless otherwise noted).

A key to the images: Merriam=Vivien Leigh, Millie=Audrey Hepburn, Harly=Grace Kelly.

The procession.

Do take note of the Harly/Grace Kelly flower girl.

The cake cutting.

Merriam posing with us bridesmaids.

L-R: Girl from Miss Vintage, Merriam, Me, Harly.

And the ring from Paul to Merriam (I took this picture).

Do note the lovely and sweet inscription.

And that was the wedding. Those pictures really sum up exactly what kind of person Merriam is, better than I ever could.


P.S. If this post did NOT creep you out and/or scare you, then you really belong on Miss Vintage (but don't judge poorly that wonderful site, because of me).

Now, back to the regularly scheduled programming.


Merriam said...

ROFL!! Thank you Millie, this was very interesting. Not quite what I expected, but, I should have known better than to get anything expected from you. There are a few factual inaccuracies, like who killed Joanne, and about my ring...and what on earth are all these people going to think when they read that those wedding pictures "sum up exactly what type of person" I am? "Merriam is a photoshopped picture of Vivien Leigh getting married"...Oh,I can see it now!

Sarah said...

'Fraid I missed all of this hubbub, but it sounds like fun! I don't really know Merriam, but cacn you imagine a slumber party with you, me, her and Harly? It'd be nuts!

Millie said...

Sarah, now that would be FUN!

Merriam, I think you really do embody "a photo- shopped picture of Vivien Leigh"! You look rather like her too.

And, um, sorry about the ring, but you never showed me a real picture of it. ;-D

Anonymous said...

OH My goodness! Anyone reading this would be HIGHLY creeped out. Quel...I don't even know what! Truly you're a great kid, Millie.

And Sarah, I would much rather hang out with you guys than the obnoxious kids from school who feel the need to sing indecent songs really loud on a bus back from a college visit and basically act like classless folks.

Millie said...

I missed this comment, Harly.

I see you had a bad experience...well, I hope that was all...and there weren't any creepy teachers...;-)

Anonymous said...

Um, I am always in the presence of a creepy teacher...he's my english teacher and he is just really gross. You need to be there to truly understand why he's such a CREEP.

Millie said...


hana-bi. said...

Best thread ever. ^___^

Millie said...

Isn't it!


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