Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My darling Grandma

My Grandma was just gorgeous and she is such a style inspiration to me. Sadly, she died just a few years before I was born, so I never got to meet her. But, I feel as if I know her thanks to loverly stories and beautiful photos.

In this blog post I will posting a few pictures of her that are just amazingly cool!

Her high school graduation picture (1951). You can totally tell that she was 100% Finnish!

I just LOVE this outfit (photos taken in '54)! It's so adorable and completely fifties!

'52. According to my mother, my Grandma always had these amazingly cool swimsuits (she lived on a lake...that's where my mother grew up), but she never went in the water. She would just sit and sunbathe for hours!

Mid-fifties. My Grandma is the one on the right. Her face looks rather distorted in's only because of my extremely annoying and idiotic scanner!

This one I love. I just adore that outfit! My guess is this is about '59.

Her wedding to my Grandpa in '54. That belted dress just screams fifties!

A formal in '53. I wish I could enlarge this without hurting the quality! Some of the dresses are just gorgeous. And I swear one of the girls is Bette Davis!

Probably my favorite outfit of this bunch! An adorable dress. '61.

My grandma was probably the only person ever who went skiing often just to go sit in the lodge (in her incredibly cool ski outfits) while the rest of her family went skiing! Hahaha!

Camping trip in '59. Wish I could enlarge this one too. It's just loverly!

Costume party in '53. (My Grandma is the second from the left.) Methinks, this has something to do with France.

My Grandma in '74. I included this shot because those sunglasses are like the most amazing ever. They deserve to be on my Sunglasses list!

This is lovely.

Those were just a few shots of my Grandma. So beautiful and stylish and sweet! I wish I could have met her.


emme said...

She was so lovely, Millie!

Nothing better than vintage photos...thanks for sharing!


Millie said...

Thank you SO much!

I know I love vintage pics too. That's why all but one of them is from 50's and 60's.

My family thankfully took a lot of photos. I have some of relatives that date back to 1905...just stuck in old photo albums.

Sarah said...

I'm trying to think of another word besides lovely, but I can't so I'll just say she was SUPER DUPER lovely! Old pics are my favorite. Next time I go to my grandma's, I'm looking at her stuff!

Millie said...
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Colleen9 said...

Your Grandmother seems so adorable and classy. I bet she was an amazing person, and her style was positively gorgeous.

Millie said...

Thanks, Colleen!

She was an amazing person, according to absolutely EVERYONE who knew her!

MissMatilda said...

wow, beautiful woman xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Millie said...

Oh, thank you! You are too sweet!

Anonymous said...

My, your grandmother was quite the beauty, wasn't she? I thought the first photo was of a movie star in one of your photo of the day posts!

My grandmother died in her fifties too, of cancer I think, before I was born. My brother never even got the chance to meet her. And once again, we really are skitzophrenic, since my grandma was just gorgeous as well.

This truly was just an absolutely lovely tribute.

Anonymous said...

And yes, I spotted Bette Davis in the photo too.

hana-bi. said...

Awesome post!
Your grandma had a very cute and classy sense of style. This was a really nice tribute to her. :D
(I spotted Bette as well XD. And another person as Rosalind Russell? Lulz.)

Millie said...

Thanks everyone.

Hey, my Bette is in the front row, in between the guy and the girl linking arms.

Where's Roz? Could it be the girl on the mid left, who has the guy pretending to push her off?

BTW, if anyone else was can see an enlarged version of that pic by clicking on it!

Millie said...

Harly: Thank you SO much! That is an amazingly sweet comment.

Hana-bi: Thanks as well...that means a lot!

In fact, I told my mom what you guys all said and she almost started to cry! :-D

hana-bi. said...

I thought Roz was the one all the way to the right in the second to the boy with big ears and really thick, arched eyebrows. :P

Millie said...

Oh, are you talking about the girl directly to the left of that aforementioned guy?

Raquelle said...

Such beautiful photos of your grandma. Thanks for sharing!

Millie said...

Oh, thank you! I'm glad you like them.

C.K. Dexter Haven said...

Your (lovely!) grandma looks like actress Eleanor Parker; at least I think so! Thanks for sharing those pics.

Millie said...

I had never thought about that. But, now that you mention it there is a resemblance between the two.

Thank you!

C.K. Dexter Haven said...

Millie, you're an inspiration:

Millie said...

Oh my goodness, that is such an honor! :-D

Merriam said...

Wow, she's beautiful. I can tell she's your grandmother; there's a slight similarity around the eyes.

Lauren♥ said...

Those are the coolest cutest pics! Yea my grandmas were pretty cool! My great grandma was the cutest flapper! I love those swimsuits...that era was so neat! Love black and white pics!

Genevieve said...

Wonderful pics! Your grandma was a very classy and beautiful lady. Its hard to find great pictures of my grandma because she has an identical twin and they can't even tell each other apart in pictures : )

Millie said...

Thank you everyone!

Merriam: Thanks, her mother (my great-grandma)looks almost identical to me!

Lauren: That's so cool! You should upload the pics some time!

Genevieve: That means so much! That's hilarious about your Grandma/Great Aunt!


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