Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Photo of the Day!

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, with her Oscar (The Three Faces Of Eve) and his...um...Noscar! ;-)


emme said...

I love Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward.

His "Noscar" always cracks me up!


Millie said...

Yes, they were one of the most adorable couples ever! Right up there with Bobby and Sandra!

It's totally hilarious! And I just love the expression on Paul's face!

emme said...

I love Sandra Dee...but Bobby?


I was always so disappointed that Sandra married him. I love a great deal of his songs, but beyond that he was often a bit too cheesy for my taste. To me, it seems that the quality of Sandra's acting went downhill after their marriage. Her wonderful dramatic acting in such films as The Restless Years, seemed to turn into half-hearted work in "fluff" films. Cute, but certainly not fulfilling her potential.


Here I go ranting again! Simply don't mind me...

Millie said...

Yeah, I feel the same way about the quality of her films.

But, don't blame it all on Bobby, because it would have happened no matter who she married.

A great deal of the problem was with her mother. Who simply would not let go. And on top of that, Sandra really did not have a normal childhood/life. She was sheltered every step of the way...except for the horrible abuse incurred by her step-father. Bobby had led a very un-sheltered lifestyle (as would anyone compared to Sandra)!

And about him being cheesy..well...I guess I can forgive you... ;-D...HAHAHA!

Go 'head and rant whenever you want! I rant all the time. I really dislike: Jimmy Stewart, Spencer Tracy, Randolph Scott, Kathrine Hepburn, June Allyson, Cornel Wilde, Marlon Brando, and a multitude of other people's favorites. So believe me I don't care! ;-)

emme said...

Oh! I wasn't meaning to imply that Sandra's half-hearted work was Bobby's fault...just thought I would add that bit about the quality of her acting in there. ;)

I agree with you. I really dislike Randolph Scott, June Allyson, & Cornel Wilde, too! When I was small I really hated Jimmy Stewart films, but he has become a favorite of mine. I teeter on Spencer Tracy & Katherine Hepburn. I used to completely dislike both of them, but I have to admit they have talent. I still don't care for the majority of their films, but there are one or two stand-out performances that I do like.

But....MARLON BRANDO!!! Okay, that's taking it a little too far, girl. ;) He was definitely one of the best, if not the best (which I think he was) actor America has ever produced.

Haven't you ever seen On the Waterfront??

:) Emily

Millie said...

Coolsies, I ALWAYS have to add "little bits" so I understand! ;-D

I used to like Jimmy when I was little...absolutely NOT anymore! Spencer and Kathrine annoy me...extremely. Although, I do think that Spencer is super entertaining in "Father Of The Bride".

The Brando comment was a slight joke..directed at you. Hahaha! I knew that you loved him.

But, it did have truth in it, I really don't like him. Out of the four really big pioneers of method acting, James Dean and Paul Newman are the only ones I like. I can do without Marlon and Montgomery Clift.

But, to each his own... ;-D

hana-bi. said...

This picture reminded me of Merriam.



(And what's this I hear about you being able to do without Monty? D:)

Millie said...

Aww, yes it does...hahaha! Her and Paul...what a combo...

Hmm...what...um...whatever are you talking about? ;-)


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