Friday, February 13, 2009

Photos of the Day!

My dearest blogging acquaintances: I shall be taking leave of you for a few days and will be back on Tuesday.

I thought I would post a few photos to cover me until then.

James Dean at his apartment. This is actually from my 2009 calendar, which my dear friend got me for Christmas. The strangest thing about this exchange was that I bought her "East Of Eden".

Montgomery Clift at a viewing for "The Heiress". This one was saved to my computer recently, but I don't remember where I first saw it. If it was on one of your blogs, do forgive me...and you have my permission to run me out of the blogosphere! ;-)

This photo of Sandra Dee and Dodd Darin is for dear Harly (a.k.a Graciebird). And her current obsession with Dodd.....;-D

Dear, Audrey shopping for clothes with her pet deer, Ip.

When, I return look for semi-reviews (only, semi, because I couldn't write a proper review to save my life; I usually just end up sharing what I liked or didn't like or why is amazed me or why is annoyed me) of "Hud" and "That Funny Feeling".

I shall return!


Anonymous said...

Aww man, no Millie on blogspot? However will I get along without you??? (LOL). That's an adorable photot of Sandra and Dodd, but clearly pet, my "obsession" is with the older Dodd, not the baby one! I can't wait to read your reviews; I've had not had any time to watch any movies. But next week is vacation...alleluia!

PS: Happy Valentines Day!

Millie said...

Hehehe, I think everyone who reads our comments on my posts are going to get madly curious and dash over to Google to find a pic of Dodd Darin...but, they won't find one! I have tried before, looking for this certain photo of Bobby and him. All that comes up for pages and pages is him at THE premiere with Kevin Spacey.

I will write my reviews quickly! Even though I've already forgotten everything I was GOING to write! Junk it!

(If you haven't noticed I use the term, "junk it" a lot. It's one of the many words/phrases I make up ;-D. It does not mean junk it, like, get rid of it! It means junk it, like, dang it!)


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