Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The results are in...

The results for my poll "Who was the best Gidget?" are in.

We have Cindy Carol (Gidget Goes To Rome) with her rightful ZERO votes...hahaha! I really just hate her as Gidget. And that movie made me sad too. Cindy Carol was THE worst Gidget ever.

And Deborah Walley (Gidget Goes Hawaiian) also has zero votes. I don't have really as much hate for her as I do for Cindy Carol. I think she did an okay job. But, she was a little too brash and confident for Gidget. Also she was very tall (as tall as Moondoggie). The purpose of being called Gidget is because you are a "girl+midget=Gidget". She was NOT a Gidget. Otherwise she was great and very entertaining.

Then we have Sally Fields (of the TV series) with one vote. Alright, who voted for her? Just come on out in the open! We won't hurt you...much. ;-) Just Kidding. If you like Sally Fields the best, that fine with me...sorta.

And the winner is.................

Sandra Dee with an impressive 12 votes!

I agree with this answer. Sandra WAS Gidget. She was the original and she was the best. She perfectly showcased Gidget. She wasn't as annoyingly naive as Cindy Carol nor as brash as Deborah Walley. And she actually embodied Gidget. She was a short, tiny, adorable, blonde!

Um, this above one was a pose for certain posters. Because the poster taglines were: "Watch out Brigitte [Bardot]... Here comes Gidget!

Yeah, I am glad Sandra won!

Do, join me for my next poll which will be up shortly.

Thanks to all who participated in this poll...and the one who voted it for Sally...please show yourself... ;-D


Nicole said...

I voted for Sandra Dee an I am so glad that she won. In fact I own the Gidget movie collection with all three gidget's minus the show. I really liked James Darren and the fact he was in all the Gidget movies. Michael Callan wasn't bad either.

Millie said...

Oh, yeah, I'm glad you voted for Sandra.

I own that collection too!

Hahaha, Poor James Darren, got stuck in the Gidget movies. ;-D I liked Michael Callan better, but he moved on...

Horsefreak4 said...

hi Millie!
i saul your comment on Antique Rose's blog!
I thout that i made that comment cause my name is Millicent( Millie)!!!!!!!!!!!!! cool blog!

Millie said...

o sorry i dident know that my display name was horsefreak4! oops!!!!!!!

Millie said...

Thanks, Millie!

You confused me for a second, too...I checked my e-mail and it said, Millie left a comment on "The Results Are In". I thought my little brothers had hacked into my account...;-)


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