Friday, February 6, 2009

What The Monkees write, says about them...according to me...

I absolutely ADORE The Monkees! They make me happy, they have amazing songs, and they are way cooler than the Beatles! (Not to start a fight or anything ;-D.)

I collect memorabilia of The Monkees and have almost all the albums (in their original release records). I recently found "The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees" at little bookstore. It isn't my favorite in cover artwork (Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. is the best), but I just had to own it!

Anyways, I was looking at the back of the record.

And I just love reading what they all had to say.

Mike: Blue is blue and must be that but yellow is none the worse for it: hearing only with ears-seeing only with eyes-feeling only with fingertips-and this and that creeps aways-never having been known by men to whom it would-not have mattered anyway. Stand easy children for God is good and speaks softly to all men. Love, Carlisle Wheeling

Okay, so that makes almost no sense. BTW, Carlisle Wheeling is the name of a song Mike wrote (those are not lyrics though). This is so totally Mike. He was always the "real" artist (or the "Smart Monkee" as he was called). And this is definitely something he would show how "real" and "organic" he was.

Davy: Why are we forever weaving new ties to bind us to Earth. -Edith Sidebottom [signed] David

Now, this sounds absolutely like Davy. He is "trying" to be as "real" and "organic" as Mike. But, just can't break out of his "adorable, short, Brit" image.

Peter: Love Peter Tork

Peter is one of the cooler Monkees (my personal favorite). He could and did play almost every instrument EVER created (and a few I'm still not sure about...)! This was his way of not "trying" to be "cool". And it ends up being much better than those above mentioned.

Mickey: MIJACOGEO [signed] Mickey Dolenz

Mickey is just too cool. I think this is rather funny, because in a small way, Mickey sends up Mike and Davy's "seriousness". And, MIJACOGEO means: MIchael, JAnelle, COco, GEOrge. Mickey, his mom, his sister, and dad. You just gotta love Mr. Dolenz!

Anyways, these are just a few reflections on the band who in 1967 managed to outsell The Beatles and The Rolling Stones put together. (The Monkees had four number one albums that year, too!)

They aren't technically acurate observations, but the capture the essence of the band. And just because I didn't think Mike and Davy's blurbs were as cool as Peter and Mickey's does not mean I don't love them... ;-D

L-R: Back: Mickey; Front: Mike, Davy, Peter.


C.K. Dexter Haven said...

I was a big Monkees fan when I was in 6th grade and my two closest friends and I worshipped that TV show, which was on a local channel after school. My friend's dad would pick up the old, scratched-up records at weekend yard sales, but we had to pay real money for "Birds, Bees..." We loved it! Mickey was my favorite; I allegedly had his madcap sense of humor back then.

I moved on to other music when I began high school and just in time, too, because in 1986 the Monkees got megapopular again when MTV started playing the show.

And yes, I have the CDs when they came out about fifteen years ago.

Millie said...

That's SO cool! My mom loved the Monkees when she was in fourth grade...she had major crush on Davy Jones...which makes me laugh to no end today....:-D

I bought their debut album "The Monkees" for about four dollars at a loverly antique store in Seaside, Oregon that sells the most amazing vintage stuff for quite inexpensive (a few months ago when I was down there I bought a beautiful full-page color ad from Life for "Gaslight" a protective plastic case for three dollars).

My dad found "More Of The Monkees" and "Headquarters" for fifteen cents each (and excellent condition, with their cases still) at a garage sale.

And just a few weeks ago I purchased, "The Birds..." and "Pisces, Aquarius...." for a total of seven dollars! I have definitely been lucky lately.

On a side note, if you ever some across an original COM-109, "Birds, Bees..." BUY IT! It is quite rare and collectible and only a few were made...the rest were made in stereo (hence, COS-109). Mine is a COS-109.

Anyways, sorry about the long-winded comment, but I just got SO excited! :-)

C.K. Dexter Haven said...

Thanks to you, I've had "Sometime in the Morning" stuck in my head for the past two days! That's okay, though; it reminds me of summers long ago, reading X-Men comics, going to movies, being a kid, etc. blah blah blah...


Millie said...

Hahaha, terribly sorry. But, I guess there are worse songs to have stuck in your head.

Well, I'm glad it brings back good memories...

Anonymous said...

hi millie, about mike's comment... it is very curious indeed...
i believe the 'blue is blue' is a reference to freemasonry. (blue lodge)
(further possibilities perhaps acknowledging the existance of blue-blooded hoposapiens. and as we know there are obviously red bloods, however no yellow. which is the third of the primary colors seeing as red and blue are taken yellow would be neutral.)
'yellow is none the worse' refering to yellow as cowardly. or perhaps not becoming a mason, or saying because i didn't theres no harm in that(?) in this same vein of thinking 'hearing only with ears' could be either blindfolded,or listening for clue/pass words in a conversation 'seeing only with eyes' watching for hand signals, winks etc.
...'feeling only with fingertips' could be a possible sexual reference, or even suggesting abstinance. 'and this and that creeps away' could be anything really and 'having never to be known to men to whom it would not have mattered anyway' suggests the secretiveness of his involvement. leaving the not 'enlightened' in the dark about the whole matter.
the end part would take forever to explain
i'll try to brief it
'Stand easy' containing AN and EA the ancient sumerian "God the father and the son" he demonstrated how the word 'God' is the ANcestor to 'good' and spEAks softly to All(ah) mEN (conscience)
EN.KI being the earliest form of EA's name
thus man and men are like AN and EN, father and son, and so on
in true translation AN is all matter when it was 'one' before splitting. and the son was literally the sun... the light in the darkness of the universe/void
the problem with mike's statement is that alot of the phrases can be taken numerous ways the colors can be political and even globally signifigant.

for all i know i can be completely wrong and he just wrote it to make people like me go crazy trying to figure it out ; D
anyways the monkees were indeed a good or was it grEAt (see this stuff is everywhere)--sorry ; )
--ant (the red monkey)
p.s. pete and mickey were my favorites too


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