Friday, March 6, 2009

My Twenty Favorite Actors...

Okay, so Sarah at Cinema Splendor tagged me to do this AGES ago, but I had just done a top ten favorite actors post, so I wanted to wait a while. I think I've waited long here it is:

I am going to post my two favorite ROLES beside the names. This does not mean my two favorite MOVIES which they are also in. It means my two favorite roles from them. This was hard enough. Cary Grant and William Powell were excruciating...every role they did was stupendous!

1. Gregory Peck
Roman Holiday and Designing Woman

1. Dana Andrews
Laura and The Ox-Bow Incident (I know typical!)

1. William Powell
Shadow Of The Thin Man and Libeled Lady

1. Ray Milland
The Lost Weekend and The Major and The Minor (also typical!)

1. Fred Astaire
The Barkley's Of Broadway and Easter Parade and Holiday Inn (Absolutely CAN'T choose!)

Joel McCrea
The More The Merrier and The Palm Beach Story

James Dean
East Of Eden and Rebel Without A Cause (Now, that was easy.)

Cary Grant
Father Goose and The Bachelor and The Bobby-soxer (Too hard. I think I'm going to faint from the pain!)

Jack Lemmon
Some Like It Hot and The Great Race (I am SO tempted to do more, but it would be against the rules.)

Robert Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Here Comes Mr. Jordan

Tyrone Power
The Mark Of Zorro and A Yank In The RAF and Nightmare Alley

Bob Hope
The Ghost Breakers and Monsieur Beauciare

Frank Sinatra
The Tender Trap and Guys and Dolls and Oceans 11

Howard Keel
Kiss Me Kate and Calamity Jane and Kismet

Peter Lorre
Arsenic and Old Lace and Secret Agent

Keenan Wynn
Kiss Me Kate and The Absentminded Professor

Bobby Darin
That Funny Feeling and Come September

Tommy Kirk
The Monkey's Uncle and Swiss Family Robinson

James Gleason
Meet John Doe and Here Comes Mr. Jordan

Clark Gable
It Happened One Night and Teacher's Pet

To paraphrase from White Christmas: "By the time what's left of me got around to tagging whatever was left to be tagged, whatever is left to be tagged, won't be worth tagging, whatever I've got left." I do believe EVERYONE had been tagged on this, but if you haven't, no offense meant, and please tag yourself... ;-D

Here is a little slide-show I made with my brother because my littlest brother (just turned nine) REALLY wanted to help me make one! The music in the background is VERY strange. It was made on Photobucket, so you have to use the music they have. My brother thought this sounded good enough (although he said he would have preferred Bobby Darin...I have brainwashed him well) so, he picked it...hahaha. Pay NO attention to it!


Sarah said...

I don't even remember tagging you, so it must have been a while ago! Glad you got around to it, and I like how you did the favorite roles.
ALSO, I've given you the Premio Dardos! Details are on my blog.

Elizabeth said...

I applaud your excellent choices! And you can tell you little brother that it was a very nice slide show!

Millie said...

Thanks so much, Sarah!

Elizabeth, thank you, and I shall tell him.

DKoren said...

Yes, a very nice slide show and a great list! I love seeing people's favorite lists. It always makes me realize how many movies I still haven't seen! Even for actors I know and like.

Millie said...

Thank you SO much, DKoren!

I am exactly the same way, although I hate to admit it... ;-D

Kate Gabrielle said...

ALL great choices except for one, and you know who I mean ;-D


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