Sunday, March 15, 2009

New e-mail!

Hey, I was having some problems with my old e-mail address! So in the future when you need to contact me, contact me at:

The difference is now it says "blogger" not "blog". I know not as cool, but what can you do! ;-D

Thanks, Millie!


MissMatilda said...

are you on twitter? I just joined.

Alexis said...

I like your blog! I wanted to share mine with you, if you're interested. It's a blog all about Ingrid Bergman.
-Alexis :)

Millie said...

Matilda, I don't. My friend is always trying to get me join, but I never have.

Millie said...

Alexis, Thank you! And I ADORE your blog! Ingrid is my absolute, absolute, absolute favorite actress!!!!!!!!! I am definitely following!

Sharon N. said...

I was looking for classic movie websites (of course) and found your great blog. I saw the Sandra Dee and Bobby Darrin photo at the bottom of the page and realized that I knew you from Miss-Vintage! I'm Leading Lady. Boy, do I miss those forums. Take care!

Millie said...

Wow! It's Leading Lady...that's crazy that you found me!

I'm Bergman'sGirl. I miss those forums a lot too. Can't for them to be back on again.

Hope to see you again soon!

Sharon N. said...

It's nice to see you again Bergman'sGirl! I knew I *knew* that photo, but I wasn't sure of your user id.

I'm going through major forum withdrawal.

Millie said...

Yes,that photo does seem to follow me around from site to site...LOL!

So am I! Merriam and Hana-bi usually pop in here rather regularly and they have expressing the exact same feelings.

Sharon N. said...

If I don't get to post about classic movies and makeup soon, I'm going to go crazy. LOL! I'm starting to worry because all of April's sites seem to be down. I wish we knew when the makeover would be over.

Millie said...

You should get a blog then...for sanity purposes..;-D

Wow, all of them? I hadn't checked them all. I wish I knew too. I miss that pink paradise!


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