Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Photo of the Day!

Peter O'Toole...and his gorgeous eyes!


Anonymous said...

His eyes were GORGEOUS!!!! I love, love, love Paul Newman's eyes, but Peter O'Toole's beautiful blue ones were just as awe-inspiring, weren't they?

Kate Gabrielle said...

LOVE it! Peter O'Toole is fantastic!

Millie said...

Harly: SO right! And with those two blue-eyed gentlemen, one MUST include Steve McQueen! He had GORGEOUS eyes!

Kate: He so is, especially in "How To Steal A Million"!

Anonymous said...

Well, if we had Steve McQueen, we must add Ol' Blue Eyes himself, aka Frank Sinatra. Even though my friend's dad claimed Frank had brown eyes.

By the way, I voted for Frankie, Dean and Sammy Davis Jr. in your poll! I couldn't choose between the three.

Millie said...

Yes, that's right. This makes me think of the blue eyes thread I had on Miss Vintage...I miss that place.

Brown eyes?!?!? That's idiotic!!!! ;-D

I see. My little brother will thank you. He kept trying to get me to vote for Dean Martin. But, I didn't! I voted for Frank. Second place for me would be Peter.

I actually did vote twice though. Once for Joey, because I felt sorry for him...hehehe!

Anonymous said...

Oh wait, Millie, the friend's dad who said he had brown eyes was Colleen9's dad!!!

I wondered though...Ol' Blue Eyes have brown eyes? LOL.

Millie said...

Whoops, heh heh heh, nobody heard that...

I actually was NOT saying that person was an idiot. I was saying the thought of Sinatra with brown eyes was a depressing (or in my words: idiotic) thought.


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