Monday, March 9, 2009

Photo of the Day!

For Casey: Ginger Rogers and Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

I LOVE this shot! Ginger's hair is divine!


Nicole said...

I love this picture. :-)

DKoren said...

That is a great picture!! I really love your photo of the day series.

Kate Gabrielle said...

this IS a great picture! I think that's my favorite way that Ginger wore her hair-- I don't like her 40's do's that much.

Anonymous said...

Oh Thanks Millie! I adore this photo! From one of my favorite Doug Jr. films - Having Wonderful Time. I concur w/ Kate - this is a great style for Ginger. Love the halter jumpsuit, too. :)

MissMatilda said...

Lovely, I saw him once in the flesh :-)
He came to Manchester UK frequently

Millie said...

Nicole: It is great isn't it!

DKoren: Thanks!

Kate: I agree. Her 30's roles were often more interesting too (although she had quite a few greats in the 40's too).

Casey: Absolutely! Thanks for supplying the title of the film (I need to brush up on my Fairbanks trivia).

Matilda: That's amazing! You Brits get have all the luck...;-D

ALD1296 said...

Me love this pic, and I love Ginger!!!!!!


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