Thursday, March 26, 2009

Photos of the Day!

Here are the winners of my 50th Photo of the Day contest:

Requested by DKoren:

Betty Grable! Shown here selling 5 cent hamburgers to help the war effort.

Requested by Raquelle:

How about Bobby Darin AND Sandra Dee? Also their son Dodd. This was taken at Bobby's opening at the Copa.

Requested by Kate-Gabrielle:

Dana Andrews being mobbed by dozens of screaming Hollywood High School students. He took a job at a soda fountain to bring more realism to his role in The Best Years Of Our Lives. But, they knew who he really was.

Thanks guys for the great suggestions!


Elizabeth said...

I particularly like the picture of Betty Grable!

Millie said...

Oh, good!

DKoren said...

Thank you! Great pictures, all of them! And, of course, it would be dinnertime here, so now I want a hamburger and a chocolate shake. Hee! Wonder if Betty Grable caught that hamburger she's flipping?

Millie said...

Oh, I'm glad you like it! I only had a few Betty Grable's, so I hoped it was something you would like.

It's dinnertime here too, and a chocolate shake sounds delish!

I hope so...five cents is a lot of money...;-D

Kate Gabrielle said...

Thanks! What a great picture :)

Millie said...

Your Welcome!

I thought the photo was pretty funny!

Raquelle said...

Yay! Bobby Darin & Sandra Dee. Great picture.

Millie said...


I had already used so many good Bobby & Sandra pics on a post I did on their greatest photos, that I barely had anything to choose from (of them together). Wow, that sounded confusing! LOL!

MissMatilda said...

lovely, have you ny more Betty to share!

Millie said...

I have a couple other Betty's, but nothing very spectacular...sadly.


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