Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The results are in…

The Results for my poll: "Who is your favorite member of the Rat Pack" are in.

Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop both finish with 1 vote a piece.

Followed by Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. with two votes each.

And the magnificent and not-at-all-surprising winner is.....

Frank Sinatra with 10 votes!

I personally voted for Mr. Sinatra. I also gave a vote for Joey. And that is simply because I always feel sorry for him. He never, ever gets remembered! A simple Google Image search for Rat Pack pics came up with these:

Poor Joey!

Anyways, if you want to find out which member of the Rat Pack you are, take one or both of these quizzes. I liked the second one better.



Strangely enough, on both quizzes I showed up as Joey not a good omen...or maybe that's why I relate to him? ;-D

Now, for a couple Rat Pack pics (try saying that ten times fast), with Joey included (even though I think Frank's the coolest...followed by Peter...then Joey...then Sammy....................................................then Dean):

From "Ocean's 11" Definitely the "definitive" Rat Pack movie!

Ladies just love Rat-Packers!

The gangs all here...and Sammy's the center of attention!

Okay, this is NOT Joey-included, but neither is Peter. Just the "important" Rat's.

Thanks to all who voted in the poll! You did good.


Kate Gabrielle said...

I adore this post! I'm a HUGE Sinatra fan, so the pictures are very welcome :)

Last year I pre-ordered the Rat Pack boxset when it came out in May, and it has every film they made together, inlcluding Sgt's Three which was never released on VHS or DVD until this set. It's a western remake of Gunga Din. Oceans 11 is probably my favorite though. Anyway the boxset came with an offer for free movie posters- and seriously, I got four 24"x26" movie posters of their movies for FREE! I'm still thrilled about it (although I don't seem to have anywhere to hang them!)

Millie said...

That's amazing! I wish I did that. But, at the time they came out I didn't have any cash (as usual).

Walmart separated the Sinatra box sets into individual DVDs for nine bucks a piece. And I bought "11" for my dad's fathers day present.

I want Rat Pack posters! I definitely would not have any room for them though. My room is minuscule. Every available wall-space is covered...and the ceilings are near covered too...hehehe!

DKoren said...

Nice pictures!

I never really got into the Rat Pack or Sinatra, but I am a big Dean Martin fan, so he got my vote! He can croon to me any day. I came up Dean Martin on both the quizzes too, which I find odd, as I'm not like him (I don't think), I just like him! ROFL!

Fun poll! Alas, I can't vote in the next one, as I know nothing about either of the men.

Millie said...

I must admit I love the Rat Pack and Sinatra!

You have my littlest brother's love. He TRIED to get me to vote for Dean, I voted for Sinatra.

Hahaha, that would be funny if you were just like Dean Martin! Hey, at least people remember you, unlike me/Joey Bishop.

Too bad about the poll. I almost didn't post it, because it does leave a lot of people out! But, I needed to really settle the age-old question (and plus I was hoping my vote: Garfunkel would win)!

Lolita said...

Discriminating! But reeeaaaally cool pictures of the pack! Tough boys, indeed!

Millie said...

Yes sirree!


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