Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Upcoming Posts!

I have a few things coming soon to my blog posts, which you can start to get excited for...or dread.

1. Anyways, first, I have declared March to be: Semi-National Classic TV Month. In honor of the newly declared holiday I will be semi-regularly (like once a week or so) be posting a post about a favorite classic TV show of mine. The catch I have added is that I must have seen every single episode of a particular show (which successfully excludes my very favorite, all-time, show: The Dick Van Dyke Show, because I am still missing the final season of that one). I will have another separate post combining all other favorites...even if I haven't seen it all. I will also NOT be including every single show that I may have happened to have seen all the episodes for (I refuse to post anything about The Brady Bunch in the sacred pages of this blog).

Anyways, I will have some well-known greats like: I Love Lucy or Gilligan's Island (I know, I know, not much better than the Brady's you say...). And some lesser-known greats like: The Wild, Wild West or Wanted: Dead or Alive (I have a thing for classic westerns, it comes from being stuck in the middle of four brothers).

2. Be expecting a post soon titled, "How To Get A Husband". No, I have not gone [completely] mad! It derives itself from a hilarious article (with the same title) I read in a 1946 issue of the know deceased publication, Coronet. It was one of my Grandmother's magazine's. The entire is trying to be completely serious and realistic, but I swear every paragraph reminded me of a different old movie (mainly screwball comedies). Not really conducive to getting a husband in the real world. Anyways, It was filled with facts and figures necessary. Good jobs, locations, clothing, behaviors, etc, etc! It made me laugh out loud. Which is always awkward, when you are in a room with a bunch of other people. Anyways, I will be posting that along with my in-depth analysis on what movie every particular paragraph/section reminded me of.

3. Semi-reviews coming of: Rally ‘Round The Flag Boys, Come September, Fireball 500, and Captain Blood.

4. If you have a suggestion for someone you would like to see a “Photo of the Day” for, let me know! I have lots of random pictures of many stars. I am always happy to get suggestions!

Anyways, here’s what’s coming soon to this blog.


Kate Gabrielle said...

Exciting! I'm really looking forward to your tv show reviews. How about Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie? They're my favorites.

Millie said...


Sorry, but I can't do those two shows you mentioned, because I haven't seen more than ten episodes of each! It's a sin, considering exactly how many DVDs of classic TV my family owns (TOO MUCH)!

I feel pretty stupid actually, now... ;-D

Lolita said...

I look forward to that magazine article, haha! And I nominate Peter Lorre!

Millie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Millie said...

Oops! Mistake!

Anyways, I was saying, the article is pretty funny!

Peter Lorre is great! I will definitely dig up some photos of him!

hana-bi. said...

No Brady Bunch? Thank goodnish. XD

Oh and could you do a photo of the day of Laurie for me? That would make hana-bi very happy~ ^.^

Millie said...

Glad to see you also have my hate of the Brady's!

Lauren Bacall coming right up!


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