Monday, April 20, 2009

Coincidence? I think not.

So, I randomly was in the library today (I love going to the library, I'm there so much the librarians know me by name). And I checked the film books section to see if they had anything new. They did have a couple of new books. One of them looked semi-interesting so I checked it out. It's called: Flickipedia: Perfect films for every occasion, holiday, mood, ordeal, and whim.

The moment I started reading...I started getting creeped out. First of all, there were exactly three films I had mentioned to my mom as we were driving to the library: The Blue Bird (I'm one of the weirdies who finds it fascinating), Psycho, and The Awful Truth (the final two were mentioned because of the similar lines: "After all a boy's best friend is his mother"-Psycho; "I guess it's true what they say: a man's best friend is his mother"-The Awful Truth). I open the book, to a section of films to watch on Mother's Day. Each section is introduced by a quote...guess what quote? "A boys best friend is his mother" as said by Norman Bates. Next I look at a section of films to watch with kids...The Blue Bird is singled out as one of few. Almost immediately after that I look at a section of films to watch on one's anniversary: The Awful Truth is suggested.

That was weird enough, but it was about to take turn for the weirder.

I looked at a chapter titled: "Sick Day". It deals with films to watch when your sick. It lists ten or twelve (and remember this is not just "old movies" but films of all time). One of those listed is Laura, the winner of my last poll on "what would you want to watch when your sick".

By then I'm just laughing. It's like some weird Twilight Zone thing or something.

A few chapters later I was looking at the very strange section titled "Childbirth". I was just gonna skip over it, when I saw the first film on the list, none other than....Pride & Prejudice (1940). The very film my mother watched the day I was born.

Hahaha, it's so weird. I'm almost too freaked out to continue on in the book ;-D. Just kidding. It's actually a pretty good book. Rather amusing and an enjoyable read.

But, boy those coincidences....


Kate Gabrielle said...

hey! you mentioned Twilight Zone & your new poll has Rod Serling as a candidate.... another coincidence???

Kate Gabrielle said...

ps. Charlie Chaplin should definitely be a candidate in your poll! Director/Composer/Actor/Writer/Producer!!

Millie said...

Hahaha, that's funny. I didn't notice that.

You are absolutely right about Mr. Chaplin! I don't want to change the poll because already 11 have voted (and Charlie might have been their genius of choice). But, I will add him as an honorary genius during my results post. Not the same, but it's the best I can do...poor Charlie...always being forgotten.

Elizabeth said...

That's too funny!

My librarians don't know me by name, but they do KNOW me. They laugh at what I check out and ask me why on Earth I would be interested at the things I want to check out.

Anonymous said...

Gasp. That's actually kind of creepy, especially the Pride and Prejudice one.

Yay, I love going to the library. I went on Saturday with Colleen, and we were running from this really creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy guy who wouldn't stop staring at us. (We didn't get followed, thank God. At least, I don't think...)Anyway, it's a HUGE library, which is why no one there knows me!

Sarah said...

That's kinda freaky!
Anyway, I love the library :D<3

Robby Cress said...

Sounds like a fun book to have around :) I always like a good reference book. How wild that Laura was not only the winner of your poll but also one of the suggestions in the book for the same category!

Zachary said...

LOL! Elizabeth, some of my librarians want to know that too. Mostly I do self-checkout (on machines), but when I do have them check out my stuff for me they always laugh. My library allows a maximum of eight DVDs and I ALWAYS have the maximum.

Millie said...

Oops, that was me Elizabeth. I ALWAYS am forgetting to sign out my little brother.

Millie said...

I knew you would appreciate it Harley!

Wow, you always find yourself in the creepiest situations...the "dear" teacher and such.

I like my smaller library although I wish sometimes it had the amount of stuff as some of the bigger libraries.

Millie said...

I'm so with you Sarah! The library is amazing. They always smell so good too.

Millie said...

It was an interesting book, Robby.

I thought that was very strange too. Especially because its not a hugely famous movie. I mean it is, but not as famous as say Casablanca or Citizen Kane.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes Millie, I always manage to land myself in creepy situations. Coincidence that we were talking about my creepy teacher when said creepy man started staring at us? And speaking of my creepy teacher, you know he keeps his Macbook charger in a sock? Yes, creepy in itself, but when I saw it, he looked at me, smiled, and said: "Oh, do you like my sock? It works."

If I didn't have some semblance of manners, I probably would have yelped and ran from his classroom.

Millie said...


Your teacher is so hilariously creepy! A sock?!?!?


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