Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A little James Dean for the day...

So, here is another slide-show created by me and my little (just turned nine a few months ago) brother James. But, fortunately this one turned out SO much better (even if the music still seems a little strange)! James is so funny, he has this great adoration for James Dean...despite the fact that he's not even allowed to watch any Dean films. He even dressed up like James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause for 50's day at his co-op. He told me that he was hoping that maybe his teacher and T.A. would tell him different things to do, so he could exclaim: "You're tearing me apart! say one thing and you say another...and you all switch back again". I seriously don't know where he get's this from....;-D

Anyways, he wanted me to share the slide-show with you here it is:

I hope you liked it!

-Millie and James


Graciebird said...

Aww, how cute!

It's Senior Week at my school and we get to dress up. Monday was era day; I dressed up as a 40s gal named Ella, who was a switchboard operater at the Marriot Hotel with a fiance named Howard overseas in France. (Then my friend pointed out that creepy sock teacher was on vacation in France! UGH). Today, I dressed up as Grace Kelly. I did my hair up in a bun, wore pearl earrings and a pearl necklace, a tie dress and tried very hard to talk and act like her all day long. Everyone thought I was Audrey, so I ended up just saying I was both Audrey and Grace.

And that's just darling that James is into old movies. I wish I could convert some of my family ;-D You guys seem really close; there was apoint in my life when I wanted a little brother.

getsbis said...

thanks, that was nice to watch ;)


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