Friday, April 3, 2009

Photo of the Day!

Beautiful Ingrid, with an umbrella.


Kate Gabrielle said...


Lolita said...

Beautiful! One great thing about Ingrid Bergman is that she grew older with grace.

Millie said...

Oh, I know!

And I think part of that is because Ingrid never tried to look fake or "more" beautiful than she was (although I think she was and is the most beautiful person who has ever walked the face of this planet). Because of that...when she was older she still looked like the gorgeous Ingrid she always was.

hana-bi. said...

Millie, coming onto your blog and seeing Ingrid and Cary (two of my favorite people) within pixels of each other just made my day. Thanks. :D XD

And yes, Ingrid was always lovely. ♥

Millie said...

Aww, I'm so glad!

Alexis said...

Great picture! Beautiful!
I've posted a link and photo on my blog as well... just trying to get it all seen!



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