Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Results Are In...

The results to my poll: "If you were sick which film would you want to watch?" are in.

Coming in last place with 0 votes was the only silent on the list: City Lights

Four other films managed to sneak by with 1 vote each:

All About Eve (I have a hunch this one was saved by Lolita)


Singin' In The Rain (My youngest brother wishes to express his thanks to the person who voted)

His Girl Friday (This one tops the list of my favorite comedies and I often watch it when I am sick, but it's not my absolute, absolute favorite sick film.)

The next candidate, Anything Hitchcock got a little farther with 2 votes. I know it isn't exactly a single film, but really it is hard to choose just one Hitchcock to watch!

Two films received 3 votes each:

The Thin Man

And Roman Holiday

The grandest epic ever made (and one of my personal least favorites) Gone With The Wind finished with a respectable 4 votes.

Coming in second place with 5 votes is It Happened One Night

And the winner with an impressive 7 votes (considering how many choices there were) is none other than the fabulous film noir:


I actually don't remember which one I voted for. It was either IHON or Laura. Both are indispensable when I'm sick. As are many of those on the above list. I tried to include films from many genres: Comedy, drama, epic, musical, Hitchcock (truly his own genre), romance, film noir.

Hope to see you again in my next poll!


Kate Gabrielle said...

Yay! I voted for Laura :)
It's funny that you included this one in your poll, because it actually IS my sick film-- I love watching that and State Fair (Dana Andrews version) when I'm feeling under the weather!

Zachary said...

Yay! I was definitely surprised at it's win! But also quite pleased!

I always watch it too! The minute I realize I'm sick I pop it in the DVD player.

Yes, Dana Andrews is a good medicine ;-)

Millie said...

Um, Kate that was me!

I forgot to sign my brother out...once again.

Sarah said...

I voted for GWTW, which I totally don't know why I did. Now I would vote for anything Hitchy :D

hana-bi. said...

I voted for It Happened One Night. It's my favorite comedy, and humor always makes you feel better. :)
I had a cold recently, and when I woke up from a very long nap, really wanted to watch IHON. XD Unfortunately, I don't own the DVD. D:

Nicole said...

I can't remember if I voted for Singin in the Rain or It Happened One Night but I'm glad they got some votes. :)

Millie said...

Sarah, the GWTW spell was cast over you!

Hitchcock is definitely superior!

Millie said...

Hana-bi: Aww, that makes me sad! I'm glad my family owns a copy of it. It was one of the first DVDs we bought!

Millie said...

Yes, it was fortunate that most all of the films got votes!


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