Friday, May 29, 2009

Lovely Lady of the Week: Nancy Sinatra

This week's Lovely Lady is none other than the adorable Nancy Sinatra.

Nancy Sinatra is the daughter of Frank. She is absolutely amazing and always brings a smile to my face. I mean, who can help, but like her? She also has many singles that charted Billboard and several #1 hits!


Nancy with Lee Hazlewood...her greatest collaborator

With her father Frank.

Favorite Nancy Songs:

"It Ain't Me Babe"
"Something Stupid" (with Frank)
"Flowers On The Wall"
"These Boots Are Made For Walkin'"


Join me next week for either Natalie Wood or Jean for your choice in the comments!


Sarah said...

Nat, FTW.

Millie said...

It is noted...hehehe, I KNEW who you were gonna pick!

Kate Gabrielle said...

Natalie Wood!

And I love her outfit in that picture with Lee Hazlewood, I wish I could pull off that look! :)

Elizabeth said...

Sorry, but on your last post you mentioned that you live about an hour and a half from Seattle and it made me wonder, are you on Fort Lewis?

Great post, by the way!

Millie said...

Kate: I SO adore that outfit. (And I too wish I could pull it off....)

Elizabeth: I am not on Fort Lewis, however part of it is rather close to where I live.

Elizabeth said...

What a guessing game you're giving me!

Dupont then?

Lauren said...

aww! She looks especially cute in the second photo!

Dave said...

As a young boy, I remember being rather moved by her picture on the cover of my dad's "Sugar" lp :)

Dave said...

Oh... Jean Simmons gets my vote!

Millie said...

Elizabeth: Nope.

Lauren: I like that one too.

Dave: Haha, yes, I know that photo. Oooh, you're giving Natalie Woods a little competition!

Elizabeth said...

I was just wondering where you lived because I'm homeschooled too, and we appear to live close to eachother, so it might be interesting to meet over the summer or something like that.

Sorry if I seem nosy!

Millie said...

Oh, no not nosy at all! I just would prefer not to post where I live on the internet. :-D

You're home-schooled too? That's crazy!

Merriam said...

Natalie please! Thanks for all those Nancy pictures.


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