Thursday, May 28, 2009

My STRANGE future!

So, Ginger Ingenue over at Asleep In New York did an online quiz to see the future (it's real I tell KNOWS the future...).

Then Kate-Gabrielle over at Silents and Talkies did it! That was when I got angry. She "somehow" ended up with Dana Andrews (MY Dana Andrews!) I've told her time-and-time-again...stay away...he's mine. But, she pays NO attention...tsk, tsk, tsk!

Anyways, here is my future:

Ahhh, the stupid screen-shot will not work...once again!

Here it is in writing...not NEARLY as cool:

"You will marry Tyrone Power.

After a wild honeymoon, you will settle down in Sierra Leone in your fabulous house.

You will have 69 kids together.

The family will zoom around in an orange, car that Grace Kelly drives in To Catch A Thief.

You will spend your days as a Jeopardy winner (like Ken!) and live happily ever after."

All I can say is, WOW!

First of all, I was going to type in Dana Andrews name in all five spaces but decided (independently, Kate) that that would be cheating. So, I filled in a few other names (actually the first three people that came to mind: Tyrone, James Dean, and Jack Lemmon). And, just so I could top Kate, I also filled the final spot with someone even more annoying then Randolph Scott...ahhh....shudder...(and you never thought that was possible)...the final spot went to none other than......Captain Kirk! (That's enough to provoke nightmares!) Thankfully, he was the first eliminated!

Sierra Leone? That's gonna be a lot of laughs. Any place in the world, and Tyrone (yes, from now on all the blame will rest on him) picks THE poorest AND least-livable country in the world. Well, actually now I can use all his money (and my Jeopardy winnings) to fix up that country a little! Add some working wells, a little food, a few hundred thousand pairs of shoes and that country will be looking better REALLY fast!

But, I still wish the machine picked Seattle. Now, there's a cool city.

Um, so 69 is a rather large number is it not? It's because we adopted so many Sierra Leoneon orphans!

I really don't know HOW all the children are going to fit in that one little car. Makes me almost wish I got the "super-ugly, boxy mini-van". Although my preferred choice over-all was: "A beat-up, old Subaru".

That's a nice profession if you want a little easy money! And look how well Ken did (yes, I avidly watched Ken Jennings ascent and fall...I saw the very episode in which he was brought down...tragedy).

So anyways, funtimes! Totally do the quiz! And let me know when you do!


DKoren said...

Hahahah! Too funny!

Elizabeth said...

I think I will do the quiz! Everyone else is doing it, so why not?

And Seattle is a cool city - I live about an hour away, but it's wasted on me. Me and my Kansas accent ain't suited for no city.

Casey said...

I love that car from To Catch a Thief, too! Totally out of my price range, but if I had the opportunity I'd buy it. I'd zoom around my silly small town in a scarf and sunglasses just like Grace.

btw - I did a Mash, too right here.

Millie said...

Dkoren: My reaction exactly!

Elizabeth: I saw your quiz. Very funny! I live about and hour and a half from Seattle. I have lived here all my life so I have NO accent. (Us, native Northwesters always try to convince everyone that we are the singular non-accented people in the world...;-D)

Casey: Isn't is amazing? Too bad mine came in orange! I LOVE your quiz answers...

hana-bi. said...

69 kids? Oh dear D: That's really funny though, and I love your commentary afterwards. ^^

For my MASH, I married Jimmy Stewart (♥!), we lived in a shack in Osaka (huzzah), we had one kid, I drove Barbara Stanwyck's drop top Cadillac - but in barfo green (ohnoez), and worked as a Japanese translator. Mostly good~

Millie said...

Hehehe, Hana-bi!

Jimmy Stewart? You poor girl....

Barfo green...ewww!

Japanese translator...coolzies! You can make sure everyone knows that Kawaii is NOT a Hawaiian word...;-D

Johanna said...

I love everything you post because we can agree on the three most important things in life.
First, that Washington is the best state in the country. The WORLD!
Second, that Randolph Scott is impossibly infuriatingly obnoxious, with NO redeeming value whatsoever.
Third, that Dana Andrews is... well, to avoid starting a fight... he's just great, isn't he?

And of course you always find the best pictures. Thank you!! :)

Millie said...

AHHHHHHH! OHHHHH! My life has been completed. I found someone who agrees about WASHINGTON!

Wowzie Kazam, you are my perfect match! Randolph Scott is EXACTLY as you said!

...Uh...wait a sec...

Hmm, I GUESS I can let the Dana adoration slide a bit, but REALLY...he IS mine! ;-D

Aww, thanks so much! This comment made my day!


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