Saturday, May 30, 2009

Not film related, but me related!

As many of you know I went to Sierra Leone, Africa this past April and I'm hoping to go again in November. This video is pretty cool.

I did not make it!!! It was made by a lady who also has been to Sierra Leone.

This actually is the very school I worked with and helped build a new building. As you can see in a few photos, the existing school was pretty run-down and dangerous.

Anyways, these kids are very special to me and I know some of you wanted to know a little about my trip and what I did.

BTW, at the end, that's my hand! I'm famous! ;-D

I hope you don't think I'm trying to manipulate you or trying to get you to sponsor a child! I just thought you might like the video and all the darling children! :-D


Meredith said...

i think it's wonderful that you did this, in fact i admire you for it!

Millie said...

Oh, thank you, that's really sweet. But, I absolutely had an amazing time. These kids were tons of fun...and taught me a lot!


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