Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The RARE 180!

I was tagged (about a billion years ago) by Kate Gabrielle (who created the tag) of Silents and Talkies to do this. Here are the rules:
So this is the
180 tag. Name an actor, actress or director that you started out despising (or just really not liking) but ended up loving. Or vice versa, someone you started out loving and ended up despising (or just really not liking) -- and explain why.

As shown by my title a 180 for me is a very uncommon thing indeed. I'm like Mr. Darcy, once I've decided...I've decided. There are very few actors I started hating and ended up liking. There are far more actors I started liking who by and by fell by the wayside and were not liked-by-me anymore!

Probably my greatest example of a favorable 180 is:

Humphrey Bogart!

I started out not really caring about Bogart one way or another (I used to actually be like that...can't anymore). I saw one film of his, The African Queen a couple of times when I was seven (I was a very odd child). I didn't really like him, but I didn't dislike him...the same for Katherine Hepburn (my how things have changed). To be perfectly honest, I haven't seen that film since then. I really should. But Katherine is a bit much!

Anyways, a couple of years later is when I really started disliking Humphrey. I saw Sabrina. I got quite upset at the ending. I hated Linus Larrabee, therefore I hated Humphrey Bogart.

I never could get over that feeling. Until, I turned thirteen, then I watched Casablanca. He was so mesmerizing and amazing as Rick that I gave Humphrey Bogart a pardon. And he was issued back into the land of the living.

After that came The Maltese Falcon, To Have And Have Not, Key Largo,etc........

And, I really do enjoy Humphrey Bogart now. But, I still hate Linus Larrabee.

I tag to do this challenge:
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and anyone else who like to participate!


Kate Gabrielle said...

Oh, I don't like Linus either! It just wasn't believable that she'd leave William Holden for him (and I was rooting for William Holden of course!)

Millie said...

I know! And William Holden is so over-the-top charming as David!

I still watch Sabrina, mainly because of Audrey and her gorgeous clothes!

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE Bogie! He was such an incredible actor (and being very handsome doesn't hurt!)

Sarah said...

I've been waiting to be tagged for like 80 years.

Millie said...

Elizabeth: Yes, he is a great actor.

Sarah: Oh, good. You should have told me. I would have worked harder to get this up!

hana-bi. said...

Yaaaay Bogie! :D Rick Blaine has got to be one of the coolest characters ever.

(Btw, check your e-mail. The classicforeverblogger one. ^^)

Millie said...

Hey, I checked, but there wasn't anything.

hana-bi. said...

That's weird. But try again.


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