Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Results Are In...

The results to my poll: "Who has the most genius among these".

The five candidates were five people who I personally think had the greatest genius!

I have chosen photos which I feel highlight their genius.

Coming in fifth place with 1 vote is the inimitable Bobby Darin:

(Okay, he didn't actually get a vote, but because it was impossible for me to choose the greatest from among those greats, I withheld and gave my vote to the single person on the list who received no votes...My darlin' Bobby.)

Bobby was a genius (contrary to popular opinion, I see). He tackled pretty much every single entertainment medium and conquered it. He wrote amazing music, was legendary performing, acted (Oscar nominated), and generally went through life doing great things at every turn. Read my more in depth post on him here.

Coming in fourth place with 2 votes was genius-of-the-highest-grade: Rod Serling!

Mr. Serling was too much of a genius for words. I mean, seriously, Twilight Zone...Night mere human could think of things like that! And his voice was pretty cool too.

Coming in third place with 4 votes is the iconic Frank Sinatra.

I really don't feel like any words are necessary for Mr. Sinatra. He was Sinatra. He is a part of America...and probably will be...forever!

In second place with 5 votes is the legendary Orson Welles.

(I chose this particular photo, because Orson is so into what he is perfectly shows off his genius.)
Orson Welles is legendary. He lived his whole life at full speed. And whenever he stopped to use just a little of his was a remarkable thing. His name is synonymous with genius. In fact, his nickname was boy-genius after he completed his first film, Citizen Kane at age 25.

And in first place with 9 votes is........................................

Alfred Hitchcock!

Hitchcock often spoke of "playing the audience like an organ". That is the kind of power he wielded. He deservedly got first place (although I was rooting for all of them), for there never will be another Hitchcock. A person who so easily unites critical and popular success together. Amazing! In one particular episode of his TV show Alfred Hitchcock Presents, he says, "If I won't be myself, who will?" The quote is so true. There would a great void left in the world without an Alfred Hitchcock!

Kate-Gabrielle brought to my attention that my poll was missing one of the great genius'. And she was right. Mr. Charlie Chaplin was a great genius. Although not in my personal top five (like the other gentlemen) he was still so fantastically innovative and remarkable that he MUST be mentioned. So here's to Mr. Chaplin...another great!

I chose this above photo because if any Hollywood actor (especially an actor famous for slapstick comedy) ever decided to meet and talk with could most definitely only be Chaplin. ;-D


Elizabeth said...

I love Orson Welles, but I would have voted for Charlie Chaplin if you put him on the list!

Kate Gabrielle said...

I love the picture of Hitchcock you picked! If you switched Rod Serling with Orson Welles, and then switched Rod Serling with Frank Sinatra, you'd probably have my order (assuming Chaplin is #1) whew! complicated stuff :)

Anonymous said...

I think I voted for both Frankie poo poo face and Hitchcock. (I know, horrible nickname for Ol' Blue Eyes, but it is original ;-D. And I mean it in the most love gushy way possible).

I pretty much <3 everyone else, though I'm not too familiar with Rod Serling...and Ghandi rocks! After Jesus and before MLK, Bobby, and Audrey I look to him on how to achieve peace.

And Bobby (Darin that is) is too darlin' for words.

Millie said...

Elizabeth: Yes, Chaplin was amazing!

Kate: Hahaha, you totally just confused me (which is quite a feat...considering some of these confusing sentences I always say)! But, I sorta understand....sorta...

Harley: Please refrain from calling Mr. Sinatra that...ahhhh...hahahaha!

Yes, all these genius' are SO amazing and they are all remarkably likable. Rod Serling is only the greatest genius' to ever come out of TV, but besides that...he's pretty normal. ;-D

Bobby is my darlin'!

hana-bi. said...

So Bobby is teh Darlin' Darin? ;)

I was going to vote for Orson, but in the end my vote went to Hitch. It was close though...they're both amazing~! So are Frank and Bobby, even though I didn't consider them for my vote. ^.^

I'm not too familiar with Rod Sterling, probably because I'm not into vintage TV. But he's probably awesome anyways. :D

This was a very cool poll idea!

ヘレン said...

Bobby Darin es el mejor sin duda, he's so adorable!. I love you blog!

Millie said...

Well thank you! I love Bobby Darin too.


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