Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Rathbone!

Basil Rathbone was born June 13th, 1892! This makes today the 117th anniversary of his birth!


MissMatilda said...

The hounds of the baskervilles 1939

now that WAS a film.

Anonymous said...

Love Mr Rathbone,,he knew how to make the character his own

Shay said...

AND he once sat on our dining room table.

(I was not there to witness the event since I think I was about four months old at the time. But it's passed into our family history).

Millie said...

MissMatilda: So right! He is the only Sherlock I will watch!

Gingey (or is it Ginqey? You really need to tell me, I'm not sure because of the underline!!!): He definitely did. He was anything but forgettable!

Shay: I am so intrigued now! Do tell more!

DKoren said...

Love Basil Rathbone! He's the definitive Sherlock Holmes to me too. I've been watching a lot of "The Court Jester" lately, because my little nephew loves it. Basil is so great in it!


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