Friday, June 12, 2009

Lovely Lady of the Week: Jean Simmons

My Lovely Lady of the Week is Jean Simmons!

Jean Simmons is a lovely and amazing lady/actress. Proper and British to the last inch, she was nonetheless extremely exuberant and very enjoyable to watch. Besides which, she was absolutely gorgeous! And, I've always thought she would have made an excellent Hitchcock heroine!


Cutest fisherman ever?

My absolute favorite scene in my absolute favorite Jean role ever: Sgt. Sarah Brown in Guys and Dolls. I heard someplace that because Jean just let loose in this fight scene the rest of the cast got kinda afraid of her...hahahaha!

Now, can't you picture as a Hitchcock heroine?

As per Dave's request: Jean as Ophelia in Hamlet, she was only 19 years old. (Dave also provided the photo, THANKS!)

Favorite Jean Films:

Guys and Dolls
Until They Sail
Great Expectations

I really, really want to see The Grass Is Greener and Hamlet!


BTW, Next week I'm either gonna do Inger Stevens or Gene Tierney? Who do you want? Vote in the comments!


Dave said...

Jena is beautiful (and blonde-bewigged!) as Ophelia in Hamlet. Is it too late to add one of those pics here? Here's a nice one:

And let's go with Gene Tierney! I enjoyed her performance in Heaven Can Wait!

Millie said...

Of course not, she was quite lovely as Ophelia. Thanks for the photo, I will add it immediately!

Gene was fantastic in Heaven Can Wait, but I think my favorite performance was her as Laura in Laura!

Helen Sycamore said...

So Lovely!
She reminds me a bit of Vivian Leigh, am I the only one?

Anonymous said...

Perfect once more, as usual Mill Mill! (Tee hee, another nickname for you).

I loved this! She so could have been a cool, deadly Hitchcock...heroine, no femme fatale! She reminds me of Liz Taylor and Vivien Leigh (as pointed out to me by Merriam),and Sophia Loren too. Such awesome, gorgeous pictures too. It seems most people don't really acknowledge her as a striking beauty.

And I vote for both Inger and Gene, because I've never heard of the former, and you know j'adore Genie!

Anonymous said...

PS: There's one photo here where she resembles Dorothy McGuire; can you guess which one it is?

Merriam said...

Thanks for posting so many lovely Jean pictures. Next week, I vote for Gene Tierney. But it would be nice to learn a thing or two about Inger Stevens, whom I've never heard of either.

Millie said...

Helen: She reminds me of Vivien too, both were gorgeous!

Harley: Thank you dear (I'm liking the nickname...;-D). Yay, thank you for agreeing with me about Hitchcock. You're right, people never give here enough credit. But, she really was stunning!

Is it the one where she is lying in the grass? Because I thought that too...although I HATE DM...

Merriam: Your welcome. Gene it is. If I do Gene this week, then I'll do Inger the next week. I hope you guys don't get your hopes up TOO much, as I myself am not really too knowledgable about Inger. But I have seen her in several things, know a bit about her (very tragic) life, and think she is so beautiful with an AMAZING style...


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