Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lovely Lady of the Week: Natalie Wood

The Lovely Lady of last week was Natalie Wood, unfortunately because of a busy schedule I was unable to post anything...here she is now:

(My absolute favorite shot of Natalie EVER.)

Natalie Wood was an absolutely gorgeous and absolutely talented actress. Superb in everything. I must confess it was extremely difficult to choose just a few photos to highlight, because I've never seen an Natalie shot that didn't turn out extraordinary! In fact, last month I cut my hair rather short. The main reason/inspiration for this were photos: 2 and 8. Although, I didn't cut it quite so short as 2, nor the same style as 8 (kind of a mixture of the two...if that makes sense).

For more Nat stuff, check out the blogs of the self-proclaimed number one fans (although it does make it difficult that they BOTH say that).

Sarah of Cinema Splendor
Merriam of Bygone Brilliance


(Hair Inspiration #1)

Who else could pull off a fish-scale dress?

(Hair Inspiration #2)

A shot from one of my absolute, if not my absolute, favorite Natalie roles: the feisty suffragette in The Great Race.

Favorite Natalie Films:

The Great Race
Rebel Without A Cause
Miracle On 34th Street (I'm sorry, but I do love it).

Also, the Great Kate of Silents and Talkies painted an amazing painting of Natalie. You can buy it at her Etsy shop. You can also buy prints of it.


P.S. Join me later this week for the Jean Simmons edition of my Lovely Lady series!


Kate Gabrielle said...

Thanks for the plug Millie :D
I think my favorites are the first one, the last one, and the one where she has her chin resting on her hand w/the big ring. She looks so elegant yet fun. I haven't seen The Great Race yet, I'll have to check it out :)

Lolita said...

Adorable photos! It's good to take inspirations from celebrities when it comes to haircuts - I'm so happy with my Lulu!

Millie said...

Kate: Your welcome. Oh, I love those one's too! Those are perfect words to describe her...geez, you should be writing my descrpitions for me! First you had a great Ava and now a great Natalie description!

Oh, you HAVE to see it! Jack Lemmon gives one of the most hilarious performances of anything EVER! And Peter Falk is stupendous. And Tony Curtis is good. And Ross Martin pops up for a short time as a Russion villian. And, then there's Vivian Vance (Ethel in I Love Lucy). And, well about a million other great character actors.

Millie said...

Lolita: Yes, I think that is good advice. Because your hair is amazing.

Merriam said...

Thank you sooo much for doing Natalie, I haven't seen all of those photos before, and thanks for the advertising. :) I just love your blog.

Sarah said...

YAY!! It's about time! I really love her (as if you hadn't noticed...) and that first photo is one of my favorites of her!

Millie said...

Merriam: Totally! YEAH! That was one of my goals, to find photos of Natalie that at least one of you hadn't seen.

Sarah: The reason I kept waiting to do a NW post was because of the sheer amount of photos I have of her (the same reason I haven't been able to do a Grace or Audrey post). Hahaha, I had noticed now that you mention it. Oh, good, I'm glad.

Anonymous said...

Hey, miss you, and I LOVE this! She was ravishingly beautiful! (LOL, I heard someone call her that on this West Side documentary.) Photo number eight is too gorgeous; I can't remember where I first saw that pic, but I love it. Great collection of photos, by the way! #13 is awesome, and so is # 9!

PS: Can't wait for Jean Simmons!

Millie said...

Harley: I've missed you too! She so was (you know how I love the word ravishingly)!

I'm pretty excited for Jean too. She was so underrated!

BTW, you should check out the post I did on your guest programmer stint...;-D And, you should vote for my schedule on TCM...hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Where's the post dear?

Millie said...

A few days back:


hana-bi. said...

Yay Natalie! She was so beautiful.

I love the pic after hair-spiration #1 (where she's looking up) and the one from "The Great Race."

(P.S. - Did you ever get that e-mail? Could it be in your junk folder?)

Millie said...

Those are two of my faves also.

Yep, I sent you a reply a few days ago. I was about to ask you if you had gotten my e-mail!


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