Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My favorite Ingrid photos!

So, Alexis over at Ingrid Bergman Life and Films asked everybody to post their favorite Ingrid photos and then link them back to her blog!

It was very difficult to choose, but I finally narrowed it down to four.

Here are my favorite Ingy's:

Ingrid with the twins: Isabella and Isotta.
I love this photo because Ingrid looks so relaxed and happy (and is wearing a darling summer dress). As an added plus, the twins look adorable!

I adore this picture, because it shows Ingrid's personality. That strange mixture of openness and hiddenness, honesty and mystery, joy and sorrow.

What could ever be a more perfect setting for Ingrid? She practically blends in with trees.

Ingrid Bergman + Yellow = pure joy. This photo always make me happy for some reason and that is why it is one of my favorites.

Well, anyways, what are your favorite Ingrid photos? Post them and be sure and send a link to Alexis!


Ruby said...
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Ruby said...

All the photos are adorables because Ingrid is adorable. I love the 1st one too, so cute.

Alexis said...

This is great! I just saved them and I'm working on the "favorite photo Lib" I will be sure to mention this post as well!

Thanks for letting others know! You Rule!


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