Thursday, June 18, 2009

Photo of the Day!

Frank and Ava. No comment necessary.


Anonymous said...

You're right; no comment. What can possibly be said about this impossibly funny/gorgeous/perfect/downright adorable photo??? I <3 them!

hana-bi. said...

Aww, they look so sweet! ♥

Jessica Cangiano said...

Too lovely for words! I don't think a more sophisticated photo of two people drinking soda through a straw has ever been taken :)

Wishing you a fantastic weekend,
♥ Jessica

Millie said...

Harley: I'm glad you like it. :-D

Hana-bi: They do. They are one of my favorite couples EVER.

Jessica: I most definitely agree with you there! Thank you. I hope you have a great one too.


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