Friday, June 19, 2009

Photo of the Day!

Just look at that beautiful smile.

And, that isn't you he's smiling at Kate-Wannabe Husband Stealer-Gabrielle.....;-D


Rupert Alistair said...

Andrews was good in so many things, LAURA, STATE FAIR, FALLEN ANGEL, DAISY KENYON & so many more. I feel he was underrated but isn't that the case with so many greats.


Millie said...

I absolutely agree with you. He was (is) underrated and unappreciated.

Along with those you mentioned (Laura is my favorite Dana film EVER)he also did great in such films as The Oxbow Incident and The Best Years Of Our Lives.

Speaking of the latter, it always annoys me that Dana was the only male actor out of three to not be nominated for an Oscar!!!! He deserved it just as much (if not more, March's performance always gets on my nerves). Oh, well, at least Dana still has a very loyal (if not small) fan-base.

Sorry for this long comment, I get carried away some times. ;-D

Stacia said...

Love. ADORE. Dana Andrews is so good in everything, even in later-years films like "Curse of the Demon".

Millie said...

Yes, absolutely!


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