Friday, June 26, 2009

Photo of the Day!

The theme for this week is: On The Phone

Starting with Audrey Hepburn!


Sarah said...

Great theme idea and lovely photo :D
I tagged you for the 10 random facts about yourself meme :D Have fun!

puddle jumper said...

Ah, those were the days! I was watching the magnificent seven tonight, thinking about how they don't make movies like that anymore-- the acting was so much more beautiful. . . not to mention the actors!;)- great sight.
So you're home schooled. I was too-- my whole life.
i suppose you love WWII?

Millie said...

Sarah: Thanks, thanks, and thanks! :-D

Puddle Jumper: I LOVE The Magnificent Seven! And yes, the acting/actors were beautiful (I will forever have a crush on the character of Vin...)

That's cool that you were homeschooled. I always think it's fun to find other people who were/are homeschooled.

Um, well, I don't love WWII. But, I do like a lot of the movies made around that time, not to mention fashion, etc. And, I do adore history, especially American! Thanks for your comment!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I was going to use this photo for my first ever 20 actress meme! Thanks a lot, Mill Mill.

Millie said...

Hahaha, well I aim to please...;-D

You should still use it though. It's an amazing shot!

Anonymous said...

I was a tourist in Paris in 1959. I went into a green market for a few items and there was Audrey Hepburn standing next to me. People always told me I looked just like her but I thought little of it. She smiled at me...Isaid wonderful to see you. She said you could be my double. I was thrilled she posed with me for a picture which I treasure. I will try to download it for all. Sad to say I look like a vry aged audrey these days. I loved her.

Millie said...

Oh, wow, what a great story!!!!

I would postively kill to look like Audrey (okay, maybe not kill...;-D)

And, to meet her...well, it's just so cool!

I WOULD LOVE to see the photo! Please do upload it!

Well, Audrey was very beautiful when she was older, so I'm sure you are too.

Thanks for visiting my blog and posting this cool story!


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