Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What I Eat When I Watch Movies:

I like to watch old movies. But, what's even better is eating while watching old movies. Below are what I can be most often found eating during the movies (and even when not watching movies...;-D).

It's in no particular order:

Shultz's Big Bag of Mini Pretzels (seriously my family gets the 6 lb. bag and goes through it in less than a month)!

I usually pair this with:

Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Cheese. My family's normal, every day cheese.

I also often pair these two things with:

Granny Smith apples. We always have a huge box of Granny Smith's, because my dad juices them with carrots every morning. They really taste so good with cheddar or a pretzel...or plain.

Rice Cakes. Although I couldn't find a photo online (and my camera has been acting wacky lately), my family normally gets the delicious organic, unsalted, brown rice variety. My mom usually orders a bulk of rice cakes through our food co-op. One can often find me sitting watching a film and munching on rice cakes. EDIT: I found a photo of my fave rice cake company:

Okay, moving right along:

Tofu. It doesn't look very appetizing in the above photo, but it really is delicious! My normal brand is organic and locally made. Although, I sometimes switch around...depending on what's available. I always get this strange feeling that I'm the only non-vegetarian who loves and eats this stuff constantly (the rest of my family hates it).

All Natural Cheese Puffs! THE. BEST. EVER!

Yaya's 100% Natural Cheese Popcorn. Haha, I always eat these with my mom.

Stretch Island Fruit Leather is all-natural and quite scrumptious. I have been eating these for longer than I can remember. And I practically lived on them when I was in Sierra Leone.

Newman's Own makes my favorite chocolate. Organic Sweet Dark Orange is both tasty and good for you (well, let's put it this way: it's not BAD for you). Yes, that's Paul on the wrapper. I am probably one of the only people ever who knew Paul first for his food and then for his acting. I still remember my excited revelation to my mother (when I was about eight) that there was an actor named Paul Newman just like the food Paul Newman...hehehe


If I have nothing else than I always need a tall glass of Ice Water. It tastes good with everything.

I make and drink ice tea constantly in the summer. (Although, regrettably mine never looks quite as good as that.)

I have been drinking Blue Sky Natural Pop (heck, where I come from nobody calls pop...soda) for my entire life. When I was younger I never knew that there was such a thing as "unhealthy" pop.

Hi-ball Energy Water is so good it's practically criminal. I have never, ever been an Energy Drink drinker, but this Energy water is so healthy (and so amazingly fizzy) I couldn't resist. And, plus the bottles are pretty much amazing.

Pure, fresh, and all natural. The ingredients in my favorite flavor (Orangemint) are as follows: Water, mint, and orange essence...now there's a refreshing sounding drink.

And, that's about it (for what I can think of right now). Mostly all of the food is all-natural or organic or both, and that's because that was how I was raised. My dad is an extremely healthy person and my mom is a hippie. Well, not really, but that's what we always call her (much to her annoyance); because she wears Birkenstocks, has a huge vegetable garden, drives around in an old Subaru, listens to 60's folk music, strives to make completely raw meals, shops at Marlene's (a local Organic and All-Natural grocery store), and was a child of the 60's.

Anyways, I'm curious! What do you eat while you watch movies?

Thanks for sticking with me through this rather dull and uneventful post!

Coming soon (hopefully tomorrow): a Semi-Review of Mister Roberts!!!!



Merriam said...

Oh Lord, with all this organic stuff, I feel like I'm looking into my own pantry. I don't eat most of this stuff now, but rice cakes, the very same brand of cheese puffs, and fruit leather are all fond childhood memories.

Have you ever taken a personality test that determines your MBTI type? Because I'm beginning to get curious. INFJ maybe?

Wendymoon said...

MMM, fruit leathers. And cheese. Any cheese. :-) One of my go-to snacks is hummus and pita chips.

hana-bi. said...

Paul Newman makes chocolate? :O I must find that!

Omg apples and cheese D: I eat that all the time. Apples and low-fat string cheese are like my food otp. I like all fruits except grapefruit... is that weird?

I like cashews, been eating a lot of those lately. As I watch old movies, of course. :P

This was a cool post! :)

Ginger Ingenue said...

Curious to see if I can post comments here on your blog now that I'm using high-speed...

[Ginger crossing her fingers...]

Ginger Ingenue said...

Ha! Delightful... :)

Every time I've tried to leave a comment here on your blog, it wouldn't work --something to do with these embedded comment forms.


Fun little post. And interesting, too. You can tell a lot about a person by what they eat and drink.

Kate Gabrielle said...

OMG I lovvveee fruit leather! I thought I was the only one in the world who knew it existed!! I actually carry a few in my purse for when hunger strikes! lol

You just eat tofu raw like that or you cook it? I actually can't eat it in any form (even though I'm a vegetarian) My mom tried cooking it BBQ once and it tasted like flavorless jello with BBQ sauce poured on top. yuck.

Have you ever tried the grapefruit flavored hi-ball? Obviously that's my favorite!!

I think my favorite things to eat whilst watching movies are french fries, organic natural unflavored popcorn with some hot chocolate mix sprinkled on top, honey bbq potato chips and grapefruit juice :)

Kate Gabrielle said...

Oh! And roasted garlic hummus with stick pretzels. How could I leave that out?? :)

DKoren said...

I'm so incredibly boring next to that!! There's only two things I eat during movies. Air-popped or wok-cooked popcorn with chocolate malts, when the family wants to make an event of watching a movie together. Or a full meal (since we often start a movie during dinnertime). Occasionally, a dessert will be served during a night viewing. That's it. But I was raised in a family that didn't snack, and it still never occurs to me to eat other than at main mealtimes. (But I used to love taking fruit leather when I went hiking. :-D)

But, for liquid, I almost always have a mug of hot tea around (in cold or hot weather), or plain water, or a home version of a chocolate phosphate.

Raquelle said...

Great post! You have a wide variety of snacks for your movie watching.

I don't usually eat snacks while watching movies. But if I do, it's usually chocolate chips and iced water or potato chips and cheddar cheese (I know I'm strange). Or sometimes I'll make a nice tray of dips for nachos and have at it. :-)

I do however eat full meals while watching films!

Meredith said...

FRUIT LEATHER. that just brought back some major nostalgia right there.

Crystal said...

Mmmm I love Tillamook cheddar! Usually I just eat dinner while I watch a movie, but when I snack it's one of either two things: the standard popcorn and coke, or frozen pudding cups.

Millie said...

Merriam: Oh, don't you just live Barbara's Bakery? WOW, I actually am an INFJ. That's funny...

Wendymoon: I'm with you about cheese. I will eat most any (as long as it isn't really cheap, gross, plastic-like cheese). Oooh, I LOVE hummus!

Hana-bi: Yes, you should! Newman's Own makes the absolute best chocolate ever! Apples and cheese are absolutely delish! No Grapefruit? I love grapefruit (in any form).

Ginger: YAY! I'm glad you can post comments! I always thought you were still upset about the whole Cornel Wilde thing and that's why you never commented...hehehe... Yes, I think you can tell a lot about a person from what they eat.

Kate: YES! Fruit Leather Lovers unite! I carry them in my purse too! They are so small, and so delicious, and so good for you! Hmmm, well, I eat tofu several ways. I must confess I do love it raw (I cut it in slices and just love it), but I also love to cook it. I usually sauté it for a short while in soy sauce and then serve it over rice. Quite yummy! Haha, yes, grapefruit is my absolute flavor too. I was cleaning out my room the other day and I found about ten bottles of it lying around (in the randomest places). Oh, yum those sound like good snacks. I love to make popcorn too (airpopped; microwave just grosses me out).

DKoren: Not boring at all. That sounds really good. I too often eat at meal times (my family usually eats in the family room while watching an old TV show about once a week), but decided to just post snacks I eat. It's probably good that it doesn't occur to you to eat at any other times besides mealtimes...;-D

Raquelle: Yes, I do have a wide variety. It's because I'm always in the mood for different things. Not weird at all. I have often had potato chips with cheddar (or even weirder potato chips and ketchup). NACHOS! Yum!

Meredith: Wow, I am really amazed about how many of us like fruit leather (and rain)!

Crystal: Tillamook cheese is just plain good. Their pepperjack is divine. And I adore their Aged Vintage White Cheddar! Popcorn is always good.

Ginger Ingenue said...

Ha! No, I was never upset about the Cornel Wilde thing...in fact, I just re-watched THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH the other night, and thought, "Gosh, he is kind of obnoxious!" ;)

I'd never NOT leave comments on purpose. :)

Millie said...

Well, with a French (it was supposed to be French, right?) accent...Cornel's annoying qualities are amplified. That movie is definitely the most annoying I have ever seen Cornel.

Oh, good!

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