Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

The beyond cool and amazing Lolita of Lolita's Classics gave me a blog award...um...almost two weeks ago....

Anyways, I now wanted to officially accept this lovely honor, and pass it on!

And, I wanted to profusely thank Lolita for the award. Because getting an award from someone so knowledgeable and amazing is really such a lovely thing...and so good for the blog esteem! And, if I could I really would give the award right back at you...in fact I think I will! It yours again Lolita ;-D!

The people I give the award to are all lovely (with lovely blogs) for different reasons:

Sarah of Cinema Splendor because: she's a dear old friend and I love to visit her blog so much. She's quite funny and clever...but also more than that. I know that when I visit her blog it can cheer me up when I'm sad or make me even more happy when I'm already happy! Going to her blog is like going to a party...the best party ever!

Harley of Dreaming in Black and White because: Harley is Harley. She's funny, sarcastic, and very intelligent. Her blog is like a second home. She loves so many of the same people/things I do (although not for the same reasons...which can cause much arguing! ;-D). Only problem is, she has this really weird crush on Shia Labeouf.......;-D

DKoren of Sidewalk Crossings because: DKoren get's the award for most encouraging blogger. DKoren always leaves a comment on my posts...especially the posts that no one else in their right mind would comment on (example: Michael Callen looking exactly like American Idol Kris Allen). And, when I do a review of Cat Ballou and give Lee Marvin a smashing critique DKoren pops into comment and say that my review was very funny. And slightly mentions that Lee Marvin is a favorite performance of their's...but that I still did an amazing review! That's just DKoren for you! Also, Sidewalk Crossings is an amazing, well-written blog!

Nicole of Classic Hollywood Nerd because: Nicole and her blog are way too underrated! This girl should have at least a thousand followers! Each post from her is original, knowledgeable, concise, lucid (my blog and writing are not), and just plain wonderful! She also comments on my blog all the time...so sweet! Everything about her blog is creative, her ingenious themes and series are amazing...and I should know, because I recently subconsciously stole a series title from her!

Kate-(with a hyphen 'cause she's that cool)Gabrielle of Silents and Talkies because: I don't really know what to say. I'm speechless when I write about Kate. Kate and her blogs are really way too amazing. I recently got to do a guest blogger post for her blog which was admittedly not too good, but Kate never said anything like that! She encouraged me, and drew a most amazing portrait of Ingrid Bergman for it, and then she mailed me the drawing. And well, she's so kind and generous (look at all those contests she does)! All of her paintings, drawings, and Flapperdoodles leave me speechless! Well, I better stop writing because this will get too long...but really Kate is that amazing!

Alexis of Ingrid Bergman Life and Films because: is there anyone who knows more about Ingrid Bergman? Is there anyone who writes better about Ingrid Bergman? Is there anyone who's funnier and also adores Ingrid Bergman? I think not. Alexis is truly amazing.

That's it for this award!

Thanks again to the inimitable Lolita!


Alexis said...

AWW! MIllie this rocks! Thank you! :)

Nicole said...

Aww why thank you very much!!! :) You already know that I adore your blog and I love your wacky humor, it always puts me in a happy mood. =)

Sarah said...

Thanks Mill! :D

DKoren said...

Aw, thank you for this! I do love reading your posts! How can I not be encouraging? I want more! :-D

Millie said...

Alexis: Your totally welcome!

Nicole: Thank you. I'm glad you like my wacky humor, 'cause most of the time I'm WAY over the top...hahaha!

Sarah: Sure!

DKoren: Haha, you're even encouraging when accepting an award...

Kate Gabrielle said...

Hey! I have no idea how I missed this!! Thank you SO much Millie! I know I say this all the time, but really -- you are just TOO sweet!!!! :D And if anyone out there has a "lovely" blog, it's definitely you!

Kate Gabrielle said...

hey, when did Gregory Peck get bumped up to #1 actor on your sidebar??

Millie said...

Gregory Peck has always had that spot! It doesn't mean anything, cause all of those men are number one!

Millie said...

Oh, and your welcome!


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