Monday, July 20, 2009

Lovely Lady of the Week: Mary Tyler Moore

Before I start I just wanted to mention that I recently discovered that I unintentionally swiped the name of this series from Nicole over at Classic Hollywood Nerd! She has a sidebar series called Lovely Lady of the Month. I must of read that and subconsciously remembered that name. I'm really sorry Nicole! It was accidental!

Now, onto Mary Tyler Moore, my Lovely Lady of the week:

Mary is perky and very cute lady...with such a great skill for comedy. She is also a favorite TV star of mine. Although, most people think of her as Mary Richards from The Mary Tyler Moore Show (a series I adore) I will personally always remember her as Laura Petrie of The Dick Van Dyke Show (my favorite show EVER). Also, she is a huge style icon! Those "Laura Petrie pants" with the flats are particular favorites. And, that 60's flipped out hair...


Dancing "the Twizzle" with Dick Van Dyke.

The iconic image from the credits of TMTMS.

^Trying on the hideous Empress Carlotta's necklace...that Rob (Dick Van Dyke) loves so much.

^With Gene Barry. Don't you just love that dress?

I hope you enjoyed a little Mary Tyler Moore!

Next week: Greer Garson or Cyd Charisse? Vote in the comments!


Lolita said...

I really enjoyed! A lot of great pictures too! I should do a Mary Tyler Moore wallpaper...
I've made the same unintentional copy-catting! (We blame it on Freud and his subconscious.)

Lolita said...

And by the way - what kind of unfortunate name is "Dick Van Dyke" really? Ha ha. But the show is great!

Nicole said...

I like that we both share the same title, so don't be sorry :) Ohh those pictures of Mary are absolutely adorable! I would love to see Cyd next time. :D

Kate Gabrielle said...

I vote for Cyd Charisse!

I love The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I was devastated when they stopped showing it on TVLand.. it was around the same time that they dropped Get Smart too :(

Richard Hourula said...

I'd been complaining to people about the Mary Tyler Moore show not being on TV anymore, then I discovered it on Hulu. Classic TV comedy thanks in large part to an extraordinary star. Nice post and pics.

Millie said...

Lolita: Ooh, great idea! I would love to see a Mary Tyler Moore wallpaper, and you're so talented at making them.

Hahaha, Freud always makes me think of Some Like It Hot for some strange reason!

I know it is rather unfortunate....

Nicole: Thanks! Mary is absolutely adorable! Cyd it is!

Kate: Cyd sounds good!

Richard: Hulu is amazing! I love to watch classic shows on there that my family doesn't Alias Smith and Jones or Adam 12. Mary was great. She was simply hilarious in whatever she did!


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