Friday, July 10, 2009

Photo of the Day!

The two style icons together:

Audrey and Grace back-stage at the 1955 Oscars (both were presenting).

My blog banner was also taken at the same time.


MissMatilda said...

stunning, thanks for posting xx

Millie said...

Stunning is a word I often use in association with Audrey and Grace!

Anonymous said...

OH, they look like regular gals talking! They look like friends! Stealing this for my desktop, thanks.

Millie said...

I know they totally do. That's probably because they were both so down-to-earth and amazing!

Yay! I'm so glad you like it enough to steal it!

TrippyTrellis said...

Twenty years after this photo was taken, Audrey and Grace were offered the leading roles in "The Turning Point". The both loved the script and were ready to come out of retirement. Alas, Monaco said no to Grace and Audrey said not without Grace. The film received eleven Oscar nominations including two for best actress: the great Anne Bancroft in the Audrey role and Shirley MacLaine in the Grace role.
As much as I loved this movie, I can only imagine what an all time classic it would have been with Audrey and Grace in the leading roles.


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