Monday, July 27, 2009

What the heck! No rain? Heat in Summer? How can this be happening to me?

Three things the following photos have in common are: they are all B/W, they are all from classic films, and they all feature that cool, refreshing thing known as rain...

The first person to comment correctly all four film titles will get to choose next week's Photo of the Day theme.





Anyways, I actually do have a reason for this post! And that was to rant about the hot weather! I hate hot weather! I hate any weather over 75 degrees! (Sierra Leone was murder...) I'm a native Washingtonian and on top of that my ancestors are all Finnish! Hot weather love just isn't in me. And it was 96 degrees today.

Now, Washington is a pretty diverse state, weather wise (and pretty much every wise). We always get hot weather (several degrees warmer than this usually) in the summer, but it never ceases to annoy me! Oh, for the joy of a few raindrops!

In other news:

I will be posting the next installment in my "Lesser Loved That I Love More" series later this week. The subject: Hannibal Heyes vs. Kid Curry (I'm super-excited for this)!

I am also going to be finally watching The Hustler. I am forever checking this movie out from the library then chickening out and not watching it. But, after reading Raquelle's wonderful review of the film where she expressed similar sentiments. I decided to take courage and watch it! In fact, I was gonna watch it last week, but some stuff got in the way. Well, actually first of all I was going to finally watch The Wild One. My Grandpa gave me a VHS of it over a year ago because he wanted me to watch it, but I've just never been in the mood (actually I'm never in the mood for Brando). But, I finally decided I was gonna watch it (mainly because there wasn't another unseen film in the house). But, miraculously I got a notification informing that The Hustler had come in...OVER NIGHT (very, very, very fast and unusual for my library system). So, any plans of Marlon were quickly disposed. But, then that very day I got another notification from my library for a DVD I had been waiting for for several weeks: The Thomas Crown Affair. Well, Steve McQueen definitely trumps poor Paul! In the end I did watch TTCA. But have no fear I have determined to watch The Hustler and (practically) nothing can deter me. If anything you should be worried for Marlon and The Wild One! I fear I shall never be in the mood again! ;-D

Hahaha...sorry about the long post about nothing!



emme said...

Hi, Millie,

I want to thank you for your sweet comments--it really is a blessing to know that my family has had your prayers!

The movies: :)

1. Breakfast at Tiffany's
2. Mr. and Mrs. Smith
3. Foreign Correspondent
4. Casablanca


Raquelle said...
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Raquelle said...

It's been a pretty rainy summer over here and the hot mugginess is driving me crazy.

You do not know how happy it makes me that you want to watch The Hustler (1961) after reading my post. I'm giddy with glee. I hope you decide to write a post yourself about it after you see it. The love story really is the best part of the film, the pool all seems secondary, even though that's what the film is famous for.

Maggie said...

I needed that rain! It's hot here in Oklahoma!

Millie said...

Emily: Your welcome! And, I'm still praying for you!

Absolutely correct! What/who would you like to see for next week's theme?

Raquelle: Oh, I'm sorry! Hot rain is the worst! What I want is a little cool rain! I haven't had cool rain for almost two weeks!

I'm glad your happy! That post really inspired me to finally watch the movie! Oh, good...a love story! I actually didn't care to much about the pool. I was just worried it was gonna be a sad ending! And I really don't like George C. Scott at all... But, I am so gonna watch it!

Maggie: I need the rain calm my fragile nerves...;-D

Millie said...

Um, that's supposed to be "I actually didn't care TOO much about the pool"...

Richard Hourula said...

Millie, You're Finnish! No wonder you have such a great blog. My father was born in Finland as were my mother' parents! I spoke Finnish , though born in the US, before I spoke English. I've spent time in "the old country" and my oldest daughter just spent her junior year of college in Finland.
BTW, I hate hot weather too. Been foggy and cool all week here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Millie said...

Richard: Thank you SO much! You totally just made my day. Your blog is one of the most amazing blogs I have ever seen!

Wow, that's so cool. I really want to learn Finnish (although I've been told it's one of the harder languages to learn), but I haven't found a good program yet. Really that's amazing!

On my dad's side it's all English, but my mom's side is Finnish. And, I almost completely take after my mom's side. Not only in how I look, but also my personality.

And this is kinda random but...

My oldest sister has a really cool tatoo on her wrist that says "Sisu".

Hahaha, anyways...I'm glad you at least are having cooler weather. Seattle just broke the record of the hottest recorded weather ever (in Seattle).


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