Monday, August 17, 2009

Bobby and Judy sing a Medley!

I love this video and I thought I would share it!

Bobby Darin singing a medley with Judy Garland:


Amanda Cooper said...

Loved it! I adore songs that are about trains, include the word "train," or just feel like train songs. Thanks for posting this video, it was a real joy to watch!

Millie said...

Amanda, I'm really glad you liked it!!!

I think that the combination of Bobby plus Judy is just amazing!!

Juliette. said...

Have you seen his solos from that episode? His first song (why oh why can't I remember it?--something of a slow Gospel one, I think) was really cool...seemed sort of out of character for him, though.

Millie said...

I probably have (but I haven't placed it to that show).

He was really good at capturing the soul in Gospel type music.

It actually wasn't really out of character for him. Bobby loved and recorded (and was great) in practically every genre (including a lot of R&B/ Gospel). He is must famous for his swinging, upbeat music, but he also did so much more!

I hope that doesn't sound like I was trying to contradict you or anything!

Juliette. said...

Ooh, yeah I know what you mean.

Not at all, thanks for sharing-- always great to learn new things, you know? I could put up a weak defense around my choice of words ("seemed"), but in reality I'll admit I'd no idea he did Gospel before. He did it quite well on TJGS though, so I should have known. Any recommendations as far as songs go? :)

Millie said...

Oh, good! Right after I posted it, I was afraid it sounded way too "know-it-all". Which is NOT what I was intending!

Well, his Gospelish music is not very well known (even back then) so all but the most insanely fanatic Bobby Darin fan (hehe like me) knows nothing about them! You knew much more than most!

Hmmm, well, I'll check to see what's available for listening on YouTube and get back to you! :-D

Juliette. said...

Definitely not. I knew exactly what you meant...just sounded like someone who wanted to share some knowledge, which is always swell.

Hahaha, yay, cool! I look forward to being enlightened. :)

Millie said...

Oh, cool.

Well, don't look forward to be too enlightened...I'm not that smart and knowledgeable...

Juliette. said...

Lies. You absolutely are. :)


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