Saturday, August 8, 2009

Far too many "ums" in here...

The amazing Matthew of Movietone News created a cool classic movie quiz which I decided to do real fast (not forgetting that I will be posting my Lovely Lady later tonight...) The quiz is really interesting (although my answers aren't really). And if you like it be sure and take it on your own blog and let Matthew know!

1. Your favourite Humphrey Bogart film in which he doesn't play a gangster or a private eye. (Oh, and not including Casablanca either.)

Definitely To Have and Have Not.

2. Your favourite appearance by a star in drag (boy-girl or girl-boy).

Although I adore Jack Lemmon in Some Like It Hot, that's just a tad too cliche of a choice, and also not quite as funny as when Bob Hope is forced to dress like an old widow in order to retrieve his money in The Lemon Drop Kid.

3. Your favourite Laurel & Hardy film; short or feature, or one of each. (This will sort out the men from the boys - or perhaps the men from the girls.)

Um, I don't like L&H...

4. Your favourite appearance by one star in a role strongly associated with another star. (Eg: Ricardo Cortez as Sam Spade, Grace Kelly as Tracy Lord, Vince Vaughn as Norman Bates...)

Well, Grace as Tracy is a great example! I love High Society! I also, think that Bobby Darin did a great job in State Fair (although I haven't been able to see the whole film), not necessarily better than Dana...but still amazing!

5. The thirties or forties star or stars you most think you'd like, but have yet to really get to know.

Hmmm, welllllll, let me think....I'd love to see more Jean Harlow. I'd also like to see more Chaplin.

6. Your favourite pre-Petrified Forest Bette Davis film.
I'm not a huge Bette fan...and really haven't seen too much pre-late thirties stuff of hers. But, I've always been fascinated by her hair in the trailer for 20,000 Years in Sing-Sing.

7. Your favourite post-Mildred Pierce Joan Crawford film.

REALLY don't like Joan Crawford's acting!

8. Your favourite film that ends with the main character's death.

Strangers On A Train. Well, I think Robert is a main character!

9. Your favourite Chaplin talkie.

Still working on watching more Chaplin, so I don't know...geez, these are really boring quiz answers and also sound so idiotic...

10. Your favourite British actor and actress.
Too hard! Too hard! I love Alister Sim and Hayley Mills. Michael Wilding's voice is super-amazing. I love Dame May Whitty. Peter O'Toole is amazing. Laurence Olivier is a genius. Robert Donat...beyond words cool! George Sanders is great. And, I know Im forgetting about twenty really important favorite's!

11. Your favourite post-1960 appearance by a 1930's star.

The first one that came to my head was Fred Astaire as the singing mailman in Santa Clause Is Coming To Town and don't ask me why!

12. Dietrich or Garbo?

Marlene all the way!

13. Karloff or Lugosi?

Karloff. His many spoofs of his own image make him irrepressibly endearing to me.

14. Chaplin or Keaton? (I know some of you will want to say both for all of the above. Me too. But you can't.)

Um, I haven't seen too much of either. But, I'd have to say Chaplin.

15. Your favourite star associated predominantly with the 1950's.
Oh, pain! I don't know!!! Probably James Dean or Grace Kelly or maybe Howard Keel...

16. Your favourite Melvyn Douglas movie.

Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, but I'm still mad at him for stealing the Oscar from Bobby Darin...

17. The box-office failure you most think should have been a success.

I don't know! I think I'll steal Meredith's answer: Citizen Kane.

18. Your favourite performance by an actor or actress playing drunk.

Haha, so funny. I was speaking of this just the other day to my friend. You can always tell a good actor from a bad, by the way the play drunk. I really adore Nick Adams' drunk performance in Pillow Talk. And, anything with Barry Fitzgerald slightly drunk is amazing. Oh, and Clark getting drunk in Teacher's Pet, but being all cured when Gig Young gets drunk is classic! I have so many more...maybe I'll do a post on it!

19. Your favourite last scene of any thirties movie.

It Happened One Night.

20. Your favourite American non-comedy silent movie.
I'm not huge on silents, epecially silent dramas, so I don't have a particular favorite!

21. Your favourite Jean Harlow performance.
Oh, I think I'd say China Seas. He drinking game scene is amazing!

22. Your favourite remake. (Quizmaster's definition: second or later version of a work written as a movie, not a later adaptation of the same novel or play.)

Um, um, um, um, DARN! I can't think of any!!!! Could I have multiple choice please?

23. Your favourite Orson Welles performance in a film he did not direct, not including The Third Man.

Um, *looks around hoping nobody is watching me write this* The Long, Hot Summer. He steals the whole thing!

24. Your favourite non-gangster or musical James Cagney film or performance.

Without a doubt: One, Two, Three. I also think he's fabulously awful in Mister Roberts.

25. Your favourite Lubitsch movie.

To Be or Not To Be. I've seen this movie an estimated 33,269 times...

26. Who would win in a fight: Miriam Hopkins or Barbara Stanwyck? (Both in their prime; say in 1934 or so.)

Toughy! But, I think Barbara's got it.

27. Name the two stars you most regret never having co-starred with each other, and - if you want - choose your dream scenario for them. (Quizmaster's qualification: they have to be sufficiently contemporary to make it possible. So, yes to Cary Grant and Lon Chaney Jr as two conmen in a Howard Hawks screwball; no to Clara Bow and Kirsten Dunst as twin sisters on the run from prohibition agents in twenties Chicago, much though that may entice.)

James Dean and Sandra Dee (strange but true) in a well-written, well-directed, exceptionally witty comedy about anything.

28. Your favourite Lionel Barrymore performance.

Key Largo.

29. Bob Hope and Paulette Goddard or Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour? (See note on question 14.)

*I start to hyperventilate trying to choose* Paulette was funnier. But, Dorothy's movies were funnier.......AHHHH! I can't choose! Paulette in The Ghost Breakers was beyond amazing. But, Dorothy in My Favorite Brunette and Caught In The Draft (plus all the Road To's) was beyond amazing too! I guess I gotta say Dorothy...because she made more movies with Bob than Paulette...

30. You won't want to answer this, but: there's been a terrible fire raging in the film libraries of all the major studios. It's far too late to save everything. All you can do is save as much as you can. You've been assigned the thirties. All you'll have time to drag from the obliterating inferno is one 1930's film each from Paramount, MGM, RKO, Columbia, Universal and Warners. Do you stomp around in a film buff's huff saying 'it's too hard, I can't choose just one' and watch them all go up in smoke? Or do you roll your sleeves up and start saving movies?
But if the latter: which ones...?

I'm afraid neither scenerio rings quite true to my personality. I'd most likely faint and have to pulled out my some fireman while all my favorite films are melted to nothingness...


Elizabeth said...

YOU DON'T LIKE LAUREL AND HARDY??!!?? I don't know if I can speak to you any more!! ;)

Matthew Coniam said...

I had a feeling that Laurel and Hardy question would start a few fires. The big surprise has been how many people have admitted they don't like Bette and/or Joan.
But I'll forgive anyone who comes up with Dame May Whitty when trying to think of favourite Brits!
And yes - do a post on your favourite screen drunks!
Thanks, Matthew

Lolita said...

I can't believe that I forgot William Powell in drag in Love Crazy... But I can still stand for my Cary Grant as a gay in Bringing Up Baby ;)
And the same Powell being drunk in every Thin Man film... I must have had a black-out writing the answers to my quiz!
I'm very impressed with how many British actors you came up with! I really had a brain freeze there.
Good job with the "um"-answers! :D

Anonymous said...

No Ronald Colman for favorite Brit? You must not have seen Random Harvest, or he'd at least get a mention.

Mr. Blandings is good, but Ninotchka is Douglas' best, IMO. And Garbo's performance in that and Camille gives her the edge over Dietrich.

I agree with you on most of your other answers, including Laurel and Hardy.

Great blog, btw!

-- Carl

Juliette. said...

Hahaha, your answer for 11 quite literally made me laugh out loud. That's great.

Ooh, Bette's hair in that one is grand! And oh so blonde.

I totally almost said The Long Hot Summer as well. I haven't seen a lot of him outside of his own movies, I'm afraid.

Good answers...not at all idiotic. Quite the contrary.

hana-bi. said...

Ya know, I would suggest putting the 1946 version of "Posessed" for #22, but you don't like Joan Crawford! D: *walks in a corner crying and hugs Joan plushie* ;_;

Aaah I love the promo pics from "20,000 Years in Sing Sing," Bette looks so pretty. I must see that one! ^^~

My brother says the singing mailman in some episode of South Park is modeled after Fred Astaire and I wasn't sure why. But your answer to #11 cleared things up for me. XD

And I'd love to see more Jean Harlow as well. :)


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