Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh darn, late as usual....but still I want to wish a stupendously amazingly cool birthday to Nicole!

Hahaha, looks like I am a little late...again, considering that about ten other people have already done posts...seriously! This is the last time I sleep in late during an important blogging birthday!


Nicole, I hope you do have a stupendously amazingly cool 20th birthday! You are one of my very favorite bloggers! And, also one of my very first followers! And, well, I just love your blog!

And because everyone else is using Mr. Lynn to wish you a happy birthday, I suppose I'm gonna have to go with favorite actor #2 who has been enjoying cake and ice cream in celebration of your birthday...but nobody seems to notice!


Lolita said...

Ooooh, God... That was a sexy picture of Mr. Dean... *hopes that nobody sees me drooling*

Nicole said...

Ohhh thank you so much!!!! I adore that picture of James and you are also one of my favorite bloggers. You are so funny!!!

Skye said...

God, he was so good looking!


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