Friday, August 14, 2009

The party's over now...

^Joseph Cotten (or should I say...Uncle Charlie) toasting Hitchcock!

Now, tell me honestly, when you just read that title did you by any chance start singing? Don't be ashamed to admit it! I started's such a tragically sad song though...perfect to announce the end of the Hitchcock Birthday Bash!

Okay, well actually it's not over! I'm merely opening up my blog for posts on other subjects besides Hitchcock! The Hitchcock Birthday Bash is gonna keep going all month long! Hehehe, you are gonna be so sick of Hitchcock by the end of this month (as if you ever thought that was possible!). And, really I do want guest bloggers! Seriously, I really am gonna make up all those fakes bloggers, if you guys don't come to my rescue! ;-D

Anyways, I was gonna do a review on my favoritist Hitchcock ever:
Shadow Of A Doubt. But, as is typical of favorite movies, I found it difficult to explain just how amazing it is! Instead, I'm gonna link to the superb review of it, that Sarah wrote a couple months ago (okay, I just checked and it was actually way back in March...eeek! Time is going by so fast! I thought she wrote it in June!) titled: Strange Uncle, Strange Uncle...

BTW, I also thought you might like to know, that the other day my littlest brother and I were really bored so we randomly and spontaneously "wrote" a song to the music of
Strangers In The Night based on Hitchcock's Strangers On A Train. Here for the first time and for your immense enjoyment only (;-D) I have included the lyrics. Please do sing the right tune of course...that is most essential!

Strangers on a train…exchanging murders.

Wondering on the train…what were the chances we’d be sharing death before the film was through.

Something in your eyes was so frightening…something in your smile was so maniacal…something in my heart told me I must flee you.

Strangers on a train…two desperate people…we were strangers on a train.

Up to that moment when we said our first hello…little did we know…death was just a glance away…a cruel and tortured mind away...and…

Ever since that ride…there’s been death between us…murderers at first sight…now hating one another…oh, it turned out so wrong…for strangers on a train…

My family is a little strange... still WANT guest bloggers!!!!


Amanda Cooper said...

I didn't start singing out loud, but the song was going through my head! That is, until I got to "Strangers On A Train!" I love the lyrics you two wrote! By the way, you're not alone. My siblings and I once wrote the lyrics to a ballad about a boy who lived in a funeral home!

As soon as I can figure out where the Hitchcock movies are hiding, I'd be happy to watch one and do a guest post about it. Don't really know how "guest blogging" works, but I'm willing to give it a shot!

Why aren't all birthdays celebrated for an entire month?

Lolita said...

Hahaha! Feel happy now - you got a woman all the way back in Sweden to sing your Strangers on the Train lyrics to herself! Ah, now I got the energy to take care of the laundry... thanks! Your family seems wonderful.

If you want me to, I can do a guest post on Lifeboat (1944)? I have never done a guest post, but it looks so fun when you all do it! Send me a message if you want my help ;)

Kate Gabrielle said...

Ha! I was singing "The Party's Over" in my head!!

And this is too weird. We didn't come up with complete lyrics, but whenever "Strangers in the Night" comes on, me and my mom start off by going "Strangers on a train.." instead :) It's so funny!!

ps You just watched The Moonspinners? I am so hooked on that film! I got it from Netflix about two months ago and it was painful to send it back, so I just purchased it on Amazon this weekend! :D

DKoren said...

My family always made up lyrics too! We have a version of Oh Susannah with lyrics about Han Solo that my mom came up with back in... 1977. And I still remember the whole darn thing. Eep!

Digging all the Alfred Hitchcock stuff. Not sure what I could contribute, but thinking about it... :-D

Merriam said...

Those lyrics are hilarious! It's so funny the way they completely do not rhyme.

Millie said...

Amanda: Hahaha, The Ballad of The Little Boy Who Lived In A Funeral Home...I love it!

Oh, yay! That would be super-cool! All you have to do is write a post (long or short, doesn't matter), then e-mail it to me, then I post it! That's it!

Lolita: I am happy! My one goal was to get you to sing the song...;-D

My family is pretty cool.

Ooh, Lifeboat is amazing! I would love to see a post on that! I'll send you a message!

Kate: I knew you would! I remembered that you were a fan of Judy Holliday's version (as am I).

That is weird! That's kinda how the whole song got started. 'Cause when I was younger I always mixed up the two titles...

The Moon-Spinners is positively amazing (maybe I'll do a semi-review on it sometime)! I too, decided I couldn't live without it, and bought a copy last summer. I hope you enjoy watching your new DVD!

DKoren: HAHAHA! That is super-funny!

Oh, totally! Anything is really cool!

Merriam: Thanks. Yeah, we kinda thought it was funnier with the not personal favorite part is the line about the maniacal smile....


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