Friday, August 14, 2009

Still Partying with Hitchcock's Mr. and Mrs. Smith!

Although, I'm afraid I've probably been partying alone...I've still been partying...all day...and all for Sir Alfred!

As, I explained in my earlier post, I've been babysitting my littlest brother. Also, my mom told me that after Suspicion...NO MORE HITCHCOCK'S FOR HIM! Of course, I still had an obligation to this blog to watch early Hollywood Hitchcock's, soooo, being the crafty and clever person I am I figured a way to please everyone (except maybe the poor people who have to read this blog). I merely showed him Mr. and Mrs. Smith (1941). That way my mom's happy (no "scariness" for my little bro), my little brother's happy (he's become fascinated with Hitchcock), I'm happy (I get to continue on with my Hitchcock theme), and you lucky readers are happy (you get to read more and more of my delightful witticisms...;-D).

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is one of my all-time favorite movies! It's hilarious, well-written, well-acted, and of course well-directed. So much so, that I always get particularly annoyed when "film buffs" say rather nonchalantly, "Well, it was okaaaay, but it wasn't Hitchcock". Excuuuuuuuuuuuuse me? Who's name is that:

Poor Hitchcock really was typecast, so much that even when he makes a delightfully amazing screwball comedy, critics call it just okay (and act like they're making a concession). I've often wondered if say Hawks (one of the least type cast directors ever) made MAMS. Then, I believe it would have been called one of the great screwballs! When Hitchcock makes's a disappointment...grrrr!

Anyways, I know not everyone feels that way! There are many of you out there that love this movie in all it's amazingness! So, I will stop ranting!

Haha, I adore this movie for many reasons I will list a few of them below:


Carole Lombard. She is HILARIOUS in this movie. Brilliantly hilarious! BTW, I love that dress!


Robert Montgomery (isn't he just adorable?). As David Smith, Robert practically steals the movie from Carole, but not quite...


Carole and Robert together. She and Robert were a perfect pair, it was a pity they didn't do more together! But, tragically Carole made just one more film after this, before she died.


Robert Montgomery's facial expressions. There is a select group of four or five actors, who, merely by the sight of their face, I burst out laughing. Robert is at the top the list. Seriously, he is such an expressive actor and uses his face so much! I start laughing just watching him!


The cat scene. This scene is on my short list of most hilarious movie scenes ever. It's so brilliantly funny! Carole (who must continually pin her skirt, because it's bursting at the seams) is trying to get Robert to repropose to her (it's a long story), but he is not paying her any attention at all, and is instead transfixed by the fact that the cat (at the dirty restaurant they're eating at) won't eat any of the soup (he's sure that "means something"). The situation isn't helped any when the restaurant owner comes up and nonchalantly comments, "I'm unlucky with cats. It's the third one I've lost this week. *pause, while Robert stares horrified* They get run over...........I think". Gosh, I love this scene so much! It's way better than even the "little blue dress" scene!


Carole and Gene Raymond getting stuck on the parachute ride thingy at the fair.

And then it starts to rain...

That theme music. That song is played, hummed, whistled throughout the movie and it just perfectly sets the tempo!

BTW, My brother thoroughly enjoyed this film and said that it was (and I quote), "almost tied for first with The Lady Vanishes". And plus, he didn't mind at all that this movie ended happy...I credit that to Carole being more likable than Joan Fontaine.

Well, although this semi-semi-semi-semi-semi-review is not very good...MAMS is! If you have never seen it, then you really should just rush out and watch it!!! You will not regret it!

I'm finally done! I've been working on this post for like FOREVER, and I was almost finished when Sarah popped up to chat on AIM, well I just couldn't say no (not to Sarah). I was having so much fun that I completely forgot about my duty to Hitchcock. Unfortunately, Sarah and I did not even once mention Mr. Hitchcock, so I have no excuse! Except the we were having a very fascinating and intelligent conversation about vintageness...Sarah, even discovered that she's 5 inches taller than Davy Jones (of The Monkees)...;-D

I'm off to watch my favorite Hitchcock ever: Shadow Of A Doubt. Expect a review tomorrow! See ya'!


MissMatilda said...

thanks you for a smashing post and still of my fave film xx

hana-bi. said...

That movie is so kawaii, I love it! :3 I've only seen it once though. I'll pay extra special attention to Bob's facial expressions next time I watch it. XD And d'aww Care Bear. She's so cute and cool~

I've really enjoyed all of your Hitchcock-themed posts today. Or yesterday. Whatever. They're as wonderfully entertaining today as they were yesterday, n'est-ce pas?

Kate Gabrielle said...

I love Robert Montgomery. You picked the cutest screenshots of him too! :)

The dress/cat thing is so funny! I wish Hitch made more screwballs, I think he was great at it!

Lolita said...

Great screen caps! Have you picked them yourself? In that case, you have a great feeling for timing.

I love Robert Montgomery, and I adore Lombard - how can a screen couple be better than that?

Millie said...

Matilda: Thank you! I didn't think the post was very good, but having you call is smashing really makes me happy!

Hana-bi: Super-Kawaii! You so should, his face is practically the best part of the whole movie! Carole is cool! Thank you dear! I was having fun partying for Hitchcock!

Kate: I tried my best, but there were so many super funny one's I had to leave out! I KNOW! He was brilliant at it! The closest he ever got again was The Trouble With Harry, and that wasn't screwball...

Lolita: Thanks, I didn't make the screen caps, regrettably! My computer doesn't have a DVDROM (UGH!). I actually had to endlessly google for most of them, until last night I happened upon a goldmine titled: 1,000 Frames of Hitchcock! It has a 1,000 frames each for practically every movie he made. Here's the link:

I absolutely agree with you. They were perfect together!

klaranovak said...

This such a wonderful film! I adore it.

You picked great screen caps, too! :)

Millie said...

It really is wonderful!


MissMatilda said...

it's a fab post xx


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