Thursday, August 13, 2009

"What?!?!?! It's gonna end HAPPY?" - Watching "Suspicion" with my ten year-old brother.

^Hitchcock on the set of Suspicion.

As I promised, this blog is gonna be partying for Hitchcock all day long!

Next up, is a semi-review of Suspicion. Well, it's not really even a semi-review. It's more some observations of watching this with my youngest brother.

I was babysitting again today, while my mom was gone running errands. My other younger brother has been gone at scout camp all week, so it was just my littlest brother and me. And, I had a sworn duty to this blog to watch Hitchcock all day today, so my brother just had to tag along.

Unfortunately I had a dilly of a time (I LOVE saying that) getting my mom to agree to letting my brother watch Suspicion. She informed me that he had been stricken with nightmares all the night before, which she attributed to Hitchcock. I informed her that nobody could have a nightmare after watch The Lady it was more comedy than suspense. She just wouldn't listen. Until, I went and got my brother and asked him what he had the nightmares about. Well, it turns out he had been dreaming about one of our crazier aunts...

This finally persuaded my she too has a had a nightmare or two about that aunt (her sister-in-law). But, my mom also firmly stated that after that there would be no more Hitchcock for him for a while! I had to be happy with that. And, now I have to wait for my mother to return home, before I can watch anymore Hitchcock. I suppose I could have just say, "Hey kid, go amuse yourself and don't get into any trouble"...while I retreated to my bedroom to watch more from Sir Alfred. But, I'm a better sister than that...

Anyways, we finally did get to pop in the DVD of Suspicion. I hadn't seen this movie in over a year, so I was excited.

This movie is stupendous! It has Cary Grant giving a great performance, it has a multitude of wonderful Hitchcock regulars (Dame May Whitty, Leo G. Carrol, Nigel Bruce), and it has Joan Fontaine...doing her normal role (although Joan, when she's acting, is thoroughly impossible to dislike, I have never thought her a very good actress; she always seems to be playing the same matter what the movie is; Olivia on the other hand...). How's that for a run-on sentence?

However, there is that slightly awkward ending:


I did not tell my brother anything about this movie, before it started; except for a little back-story on a few of the actors (what he might know them from, etc). I wanted to see his reaction to the infamous ending...

It was not pretty...

^The glowing, not-poisoned milk.

He personally did not find Joan thoroughly impossible to dislike, and was actually looking forward to her death (I have such morbid relations). With the tension mounting with each minute, I noticed my brother's eyes begin to gleam rather maniacally. His eyes followed Cary up each step. And he was severely disappointed to find the milk untouched the next morning (Hitchcock probably would have liked my little brother). But, there was still one final chance!

^I just can't trust Cary when his face looks like that!

Cary could throw Joan out of the car!

^You should have seen my brother's face light up, when he saw this shot.

Unfortunately, that was also not to be. It was after Joan ran from the car and Cary began confessing his failures that it finally came through to my brother. That is when he yelled out: "What?!?!?! It's gonna end HAPPY?"

It's not so much that my brother hates Joan, or that he has a thirst for blood. It's just that he had been caught up in the tidal wave of Hitchcock genius...and was letdown by the lack-of-courage of RKO (who wouldn't let Cary Grant play a murderer).

However, when it was all said and done. He said that Suspicion was still good. And was now his second favorite Hitchcock (Behind The Lady Vanishes, which after a night's sleep and subconscious thought has replaced The 39 Steps as #1).

I have to go to work now, but when I get back...the party continues!

I STILL want guest bloggers! NO Hitchcock related writing will be turned down! Just send it to my blog e-mail!

^A Mean Cary is certainly a frightening thought!


Elizabeth said...

Crazy, movie watching families are fun. I've got a crazy mom, crazy dad, and crazy sister to talk about old films with, and it's no fun to watch a film without the crazies!

Millie said...

Haha, so with you on that! I have four crazy brothers, two crazy sisters, and a pair of crazy parents (and this is not even counting the severely crazy me) to watch movies with...although, sadly, not altogether anymore...

Elizabeth said...

I'll have to do a post later on the nicknames we give the various actors when we can't remember their real names!

Nicole said...

Ohh no, Joan is marvelous. Though I do have to say, Suspicion isn't one of my favorites of hers. Have you ever seen Ivy or Born to be Bad? She is completely different from the usual characters, the studios gave her. Excellent semi-review/observation with your brother, it was thoroughly enjoyable. :)

Millie said...

Elizabeth: I would totally love to see that!

Nicole: No, I haven't. I will be sure and try to check them out. It just seems that in a lot of things I have seen her in she plays that same role (Rebecca, Jane Eyre, The Women, and Suspicion)...



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