Monday, September 7, 2009

Goodbye Mr. Hitchcock! See you next year!

Yes, the sad moment has finally come...we must bid farewell to the Hitchcock. And I must announce the end of the Hitchcock Birthday Bash.

^Don't look so glum Sir Alfred! You'll have another birthday next year!

I had a lot of fun! And I just really wanted to thank all of the amazing bloggers who wrote a post for me! I was so happy that you did not make me create a bunch of fake blogger accounts, and then create a bunch of fake blogs for them, and then write a bunch of guest blog posts coming from them! You saved me (and yourself) from that extremely pitiful sight! And plus, all the posts were just amazing!

So thank you to:


And thank you to everyone else who commented on my blog posts and joined in on the party!

^Hitchcock loved the guest posts, but was slightly bored by what I wrote...

Next year, I am gonna be way more organized instead of realizing the day of...(actually I probably won't be any more organized, but there's always hope!), there can be some even more interesting stuff!

And, just because it isn't his birthday month anymore, that is no reason for you not to keep the merry spirit alive, so go out and watch a Hitchcock...for his sake! (Haha, I love being melodramatic!)

^Hitchcock drowning his sadness with a "few" drinks!



Kate Gabrielle said...

umm... I guess there was an expiration date on when I could send you my post? sorry...

Millie said...

Oh, no! Absolutely not! You can send me that post ANY TIME and I will post it as part of the Hitchcock Birthday Bash!

You don't understand...I WANT that post....;-D


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