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Hitchcock's Birthday Bash: Guest Blogger Nicole on "Rebecca"!

This next guest installment of Hitchcock's Birthday Bash comes from the inimitable Nicole of Classic Hollywood Nerd.

First of all, I LOVE Nicole's blog! Visiting there is always a rare and unique experience! What she writes about and what she loves is always original and interesting!

And, now about her post:
I was quite interested when I heard that Nicole wanted to write a post about Rebecca for me. Mainly, because Rebecca is one of my lesser-viewed Hitchcock's (I've only seen it two or three times), because I just bought a DVD of it last year. But, it's also a very interesting, unusual Hitchcock (heck, I was hooked the moment I saw Laurence with that funny looking mustache...;-D). Anyways, I was excited to hear her thoughts...and she did not disappoint me. This is a great post...and I really, really, really enjoyed it! Thanks so much, Nicole!

My absolute favorite Hitchcock movie is the classic 1940 film, “Rebecca” starring Joan Fontaine and Laurence Olivier. Joan plays I de Winter, a young, shy and rather boring woman, whose job is as an old woman’s companion. While in Monte Carlo with her employer, Joan’s character meets the dashing but distant Maxim De Winter. At first meeting, the two have a rocky meeting but when they get to know one another, it blossoms into something more. I, is put into quite a spot, when her employer decides it’s best to leave Monte Carlo, upon hearing that she is to leave, I tracks Maxim down to say goodbye. Without much hesitation, Maxim declares to I, that he wants her to stay with him and that they should be married as soon as possible.

So, I leaves her old employer and heads out onto a new adventure with her new husband and into a new home, Manderlay. The only thing is Maxim has been hiding quite a lot from his new bride and his past is catching up on him.

Two people with quite a dislike for Maxim are the housekeeper, Mrs. Danvers (played by Judith Anderson) and Rebecca’s cousin, Jack Favell (played by George Sanders). Maxim and Rebecca were married for quite some time until Rebecca’s untimely death and Jack has quite a vendetta against him. The dislike is very mutual between one another and whenever, Maxim sees him, he clenches up.

As for the Mrs.Danvers, she is a woman filled with anger and hate because of the death of Rebecca. Though, she is employed to work for Maxim, her heart and soul still belongs to Rebecca and she will continue to be loyal to her previous employer for the rest of her life. The housekeeper, Mrs. Danvers now wants Maxim and whoever gets in her way, to pay for the loss of Rebecca. One of those people is the 2nd Mrs. De Winter, whom Mrs. Danvers takes an immediate dislike to. Mrs.Danvers attempts to make Mrs.De Winter go crazy and even tries to get her to jump out of a window, by saying how useless she is and that Maxim was still in love with Rebecca.

With the pressure of Mrs.Danvers on her back and feeling isolated from her husband, Mrs. De Winter begins to feel alone. What she had hoped for, in the beginning is now gone and now she is living in utter terror, living in Rebecca’s shadow.

With an idea of what the movie is about, I feel that I shouldn’t reveal anything else in case there are people, who haven’t seen the movie. Hitchcock puts the right amount of suspense and thrill, to make you sit on the edge of your seat, and curious as to what happens next.

Thank you ever so, Nicole! It's a lovely review...and is quite enough to get anyone excited to watch it!

To everyone else: If you still want to guest post for Hitchcock (on does not have to be about a movie or a TV show!!!) I will still be accepting them!

And, I have a really interesting guest post for tomorrow! So, remember to come back!

-Millie (finally posting at 3:10AM!)

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Izzy said...

thank you so much for this! my favorite movie of alfred hitchcocks is rebecca as well. awesome post.


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