Monday, September 7, 2009

I finally did it...I watched that dreaded of all movies:

I finally watched The Wild One. Many of you know that I have had a VHS copy (which my grandfather gave me hoping I would see it) of it for over a year. And for over a year it has sat in the VHS section of my film collection...I saw it every time I reached over to watch Gidget Goes Hawaiian one more time (I'm totally kidding! I watch other movie too, besides GGH! Well...a few...;-D). Today (and yesterday for that matter) I have been ill with some bad asthma! Lucky for Marlon (who I very intensely do not love), there was absolutely nothing left in the house (I had even watched Citizen Kane again...and Pirates of the Caribbean (!!!!!)...I feel like I'm the only person in the world who can watch those two movies in a row...and enjoy both of them). Well, actually, that's a bit of an exaggeration, as between us my still-living-at-home family has several hundred DVDs. But, the point is, there was nothing new to see. Sometimes, a person just wants to see a film they've never seen before.

So, because of this (and that fact I am highly ill and more than slightly delirious) Marlon lucked out and I watched The Wild One. Let's just say it ain't going on any favorite movies list!

Marlon quickly annoyed me, with that "I'm just a little confused misunderstood rebel" look on his face that translated more as "I'm a more than just a little confused and slightly deranged idiot". That may sound a little harsh, but that's what it looked like to me!

The only really likable one was Mary Murphy...and even she tried my patience a bit. I mean seriously, what kind of idiot, while being chased by a bunch of guys on motorcycles decides to leave the main street and instead run down (on foot) a dark, deserted alley?!?!!? But, I still liked her in the end, and stuff like that is more the writer's fault!

Marlon's "fierce" biker gang was a little difficult to take seriously also, because of the fact that I immediately spotted Jerry Paris (aka Jerry Helper the dentist, Rob's neighbor and best friend on The Dick Van Dyke Show, also, my favorite character on that show) and then next saw that guy from Green Acres (don't know his name...I try to not make it a habit to watch Green Acres)...I think he plays a carpenter or something on the show. Anyways, the gang was a little too laughable to be very serious or anything.

Plus, Lee Marvin was hilarious (I don't know if he was trying to be)! Waaay funnier than in his Oscar winning "comedic" (it's debatable whether his performance was funny) role in Cat Ballou. But, I don't like Lee very much, so it didn't do absolutely anything to salvage the film!

Anyways, I know this is supposed to be a great masterpiece! I just didn't like it very much.

Sorry to any fans (and knowing my luck, 3/4s of you probably think this is the greatest movie ever made and are going to promptly stop following me and will ignore me for the rest of my blogging days)!

I think I'll go watch Gidget Goes Hawaiian....and let my brain turn into (more) mindless slush! ;-D

^Just not as cool as he pretends to be...


Maggie said...

Haha, I don't like Marlon either.
There is something strangely cathartic about writing a bad review. I felt bad for not liking "Penny Serenade", but I had a lot of fun writing about it.

Colleen9 said...

I've never seen The Wild One, and now don't plan too. :) Hope you feel better soon.

DKoren said...

Never seen this one either, mostly because sitting through 2 hours of Marlon Brando is almost always painful (though, amazingly, there are exceptions). I simply do not understand the appeal of the man.

Kate Gabrielle said...

blech, Marlon Brando AND Lee Marvin? Even if I was sick with 100 degree fever and no other movies in the house, I still don't know if I could watch this one!! You deserve a medal ;)

Lolita said...

"I'm a more than just a little confused and slightly deranged idiot"
Ha ha! You are just lovely!

I haven't yet seen The Wild One (for the same reasons you hadn't, even though I don't have anything against Brando), but I think it's more of a "time example" than a masterpiece, a 1950's mainstream movie (think Orlando Bloom today, or something...) What do you think?

Millie said...

Yay! No Marlon love!

Maggie: I know totally. Bad reviews are way more fun to write! I read that review (I don't remember if I commented on it)! It was really good (I don't like that movie either...for the same reasons as you)!

Colleen: Well, I hate to think that because of me, someone decided not to watch a movie...I mean in most cases. In this case I'm glad...;-D

DKoren: Oh, good! I thought for sure you of all people would love this film (it comes from that fact that everything I give an awful review to...turns out to be one of your favorites...and then I feel really bad...)

Hahaha, actually it was only 79min (that was the main appeal of it). But, it seemed to drag on and on (much longer than the fast-paced and interesting Citizen Kane had been earlier...and I've even seen CK before)! I don't either! He always annoys the heck out of me...mumbling his way through film. The only movie I tolerate him in is Guys and Dolls. And, that's because I love that movie and the rest of the cast!

Kate: Well, YOU have TCM (I don't...)! ;-D
Hehe, but thanks! It was difficult to get through, but I was able to...because of thought that I could write a scathing [ly brilliant] review of it!

Lolita: Well, thank you very much!

Okay, I get you. I can see that. (Funny, that you should mention Orlando...considering my afore mentioned viewing of Pirates of the Caribbean...;-D)

I just think as far as rebel films go, I'd rather fast forward two years and watch Rebel Without A Cause.

But, I totally see where you are coming from. And, definitely agree with you!

Austin said...

Aww I love Brando and Marvin :( Not enough to stop following this blog though, haha.
I can see how Marlon could rub people the wrong way, especially in his later movies where he mumbles the whole time. If you ever feel like giving him another chance, I'd highly reccomend the movie The Young Lions, also starring the wonderful Montgomery Clift and Dean Martin. Marlon's role in it is very atypical for him- a disillusioned Nazi officer. I thought it was great, and even if you dont like him you can still enjoy the other great performances :)

Millie said...

Thanks for your comment, Austin!

Hahaha, well that's good! I would have hated to lose anybody!

Yes, and it's not just that (as I haven't seen any of his later films, that I can recall). I feel that he is a bit too over-hyped...considered by many "the" greatest actor ever. I don't think he was an awful actor (although I personally don't like his acting style in any way), but I just don't see his body of work as being that spectacular! Of course that is just my opinion.

Hmm, I will see if my library has it, although, getting me to watch it may be a little difficult (Clift and Martin are other unfavorites of mine...sorry)! I will go see if it's there though...just for you my devoted reader who has not deserted me, even though I don't like Marlon Brando! ;-D

Graciebird said...

Alas, one of the many movies on my tivo that I want to watch! It's been pushed nack since I have a gazillion others before it. Do ya know it's been on my dvr since APRIL?????

Millie said...

Hahaha, April is nothin!

I have had it since last July!!!!!

But, seriously, watch the other movies first...;-D

Tom said...


Austin said...

You don't like Monty or Dino either? Yikes! Haha OK, maybe you shouldn't watch The Young Lions- I would hate to subject you to a movie with three actors you dislike. We'll just have to agree to disagree...
For the record, I'm not super-crazy about The Wild One either- the biker gang is pretty laughable and over-the-top ("Yo daddy-o, are you digging my vibes? Gimme some skin baby, just ooooze it on", etc) and overall it's far from being one of my favorites. I can understand why my grandpa likes it so much though, since he used to ride motorcycles/dirtbikes back around that time :D

And July is nothin! I've had the 1932 version of Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde on my DVR since SEPTEMBER 2007! :O

Matthew Coniam said...

You are, as the saying goes, leaning against an open door with me... Can't stand this film, can't stand Brando. I'd go on to say I can't stand Rebel Without a Cause for exactly the same reasons... but I fear I'd lose your sympathy!

Millie said...

Austin: No, I don't. Much to the outrage of some of my peers (Merriam, I'm looking at you)! Okay, that sounds fine to me!

Hahaha, I know. Although, I didn't mind the dialogue that much, because I can appreciate it's place in time. But, after seeing Jerry was over for me! I could not take it seriously. I mean he's supposed to be a dentist!

Yes, same with my grandfather (who gave the copy to me)!

Wowzies! That is a long time...although, I've been avoiding some films for an even longer time (although, they haven't been in my personal possession)!

Matthew: Yes, I am glad you feel that way!

Oooh...what's that you say about Rebel and James Dean? ;-D

It's okay...I already knew your thoughts about him, because of when you tried to cut him out as a contender in the "Star Most Associated With the 50's".

I still say he's merely sensitive!

Juliette. said...

Hahaha, love what you said about Lee Marvin. And I quite agree.


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