Sunday, September 27, 2009

Photo of the Day! Or Hallelujah, the fair is OVER!

Ingy darling!

Hahahaha, YES! No more making scones for millions of angry and annoyed (or should I say annoying) customers who just really NEED their scones! Sconing has just been getting crazier and crazier peaking yesterday, when we had at least 30 people always waiting in line the entire time (not even exaggerating...we never got finished with the line). And I was working at the smallest booth in the fair (about 12ft. long and 5ft. wide). Anyway, I made some good money, which means I can buy some DVDs (!!!!!).

I leave you with this!

-Positively sconed-out Millie!


Kate Gabrielle said...

You're completely sconed-out, but now I'm in the mood for a scone ;)

Elizabeth said...

Yay for more DVDs!

Lindsay Berglund said...

I love Fisher fair scones!!!!!!!! In fact, since I haven't been home during the month of September since 2002, my dear parents overnighted me some last week! Boy, was I a happy camper :)

Lolita said...

What an adorable Ingrid photo! I hadn't seen it before. I admire your energy with the scones! And I'm happy for you to be able to buy some DVD's - that's always a lovely feeling!

hana-bi. said...

Mmm, scones. XD
But yay for cute Ingy pictures and DVDs! :D

Matthew Coniam said...

Any chance of a scone?

Millie said...

Oh, Kate! No, do NOT say that horrible thing..;-D

Elizabeth: I know totally! I'm excited! Did you go to the fair at all? We might of seen each other and never!

Lindsay: Hahaha! BTW, are you from the Northwest?

Lolita: Isn't it? She can always pick me up...even when I'm exhausted! Lovely feeling indeed!

Hana-bi: YUCK...scones..;-D

Matthew: Not even funny. But, if you let me know early next year...maybe I can mail you one...;-D. You'd have to let me know early though, because I bring them home at night and by the morning my brothers have all eaten!


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