Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Photo of the Day!

Hello everyone! I've come home!

I've got a lot to tell you about the trip (classic movie related of course....;-D), but not much time right now! So, I will post it later! *Be excited* ;-D

Anyways, I have also decided to extend Hitchcock's Birthday Bash through the end of this week, because I was gone (and because I like to cheat!)! And, plus I have super-cool post all ready to post (from a super-cool blogger). And another one that is promised that looks quite intriguing! So, there was absolutely NO way I could have concluded the Bash!

I missed all of your guys' blogs! It's great to back! (Truly it is....;-D)

Wowzie kazam! I use waaaaaaaaaaay too many ";-D"! I think I need help of something!


Anonymous said...

How bad is it that I didn't even know you were awayyyyyy???? (I have a problem with adding extra letters)! PS: That photo of Divine Grace...I have it in my Life magazine Remembering Grace. Have you seen it? The photos are all (predictably) but awesomely gorgeous!

Miss you! Can't wait for deluded comments and posts on both of our blogs.

Millie said...

Wow, Harley! You are not a true friend? ;-DDDD

I'm just kidding!

Hahaha, well, it looks like we both have problems!

I have seen it! In fact I think I have it from the library right now!

I know! It's almost disgustingly predictable...;-D



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